Please note that vMenu is no longer actively developed or supported. It still works, there’s nothing “broken” or “wrong” about it, I’m just no longer working to expand this resource.

I may provide small, unannounced updates randomly. No major changes are planned however. The source code is available on GitHub if you want to add new features yourself.

In short, what is vMenu?

vMenu is a server sided menu / trainer, including permissions and configuration support so server owners can configure this menu to only do the things they really need it to do.

Features (in short)

  • All kinds of player options like god mode, heal, set health, wanted level, never wanted, weapons & ped spawning/customization.
  • Advanced MP character customization, allows you to fully customize, save and spawn (even spawn as a saved MP character on server join) the multiplayer male/female freemode peds.
  • All the vehicle options you can probably think of, including saving cars.
  • Quite a few miscellaneous features & settings. And developer tools.
  • Full permissions and configuration support.
  • A LOT more that simply can’t fit on this page. Just try it out and see for yourself :wink:


Aww yeah, click me!

ZAP Hosting one-click installation

ZAP-Hosting now offers a one-click installation for vMenu! Click here to get a FiveM server from ZAP Hosting and use the one-click installer from the control panel, use the code Vespura-a-3715 at checkout for a 10% discount on your FiveM server!

Installation instructions

vMenu installation instructions (docs)

Enjoy :mascot:

Source code / GitHub repository

vMenu on GitHub


vMenu documentation

Known issues/bugs

  • Check the docs FAQ page, GitHub issues and this forum topic for common issues.
  • If you’ve added yourself using a steam license but it isn’t working, follow these server setup instructions on the FiveM docs to properly setup your server with a working steam API key.


Input Method How to open?
Keyboard / Mouse Press m to toggle the menu.
Controller Press and hold down the interaction menu button (switch camera/select button) for roughly 1 second to open the menu. This is just like you would open the interaction menu in GTA Online.


Support is no longer provided by myself. I’ve done so for the first year and a half, every single day.
I no longer have the time to help out, and quite frankly also just don’t feel like telling people to do the exact same thing 50 times a day. Read the docs, and that solves all your problems. Configuration and permissions setup are 2 very easy and simple things to do, they just take some time. Go read the docs and you’ll be able to figure it out.

Latest (dev) builds


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Oooooo. Very nice.


There’s no way you read the entire post in 1 minute lmao!


Cross server configurable saves? :heart_eyes:

Great release, Vespura!


As long as you don’t delete %AppData%/CitizenFX/ or reinstall windows, it should be saved even if you reinstall the game :slight_smile: Though, I still recommend backing up that citizenfx folder in case you want to reinstall the game, just to be safe, this also means that if you want to play on another computer, just move that folder over and your saves will be on there as well.


Love it…Keep releasing!!!


Wow this looks like the best serverside replacement for LambdaMenu! Great release!


OMFG C# you sir are my muthaf*ckin hero lol i was about to write one now i dont have too i can just improve upon this :smiley:


we need to be able to change keybind, this possible?


I am going to be the dummy here but what are the controls?


This is why you are my favorite :smiley: :heart_eyes:


I have a problem and a suggestion.

I’ve followed the instructions and re-read the wiki a few hundred times and I can’t get the permissions to enable / disable items to work corrently. Even using the default out of the box permssions file, regular users even have permission to the items that you list that only mods / admins should have access to. So I’m a little at a loss here on how to say, disable God mode or disable access to things like the weather / time to let vSync handle that.

Instead of using the “M” key (which conflicts with Vehicle Control), allow us to change the default key. Like to what Lam Menu is “F1” since everyone automatically already goes to that first.

Awesome work. Just need to get permissions working.


So a real server side trainer love it


What is the cmd to open the menu


Good job dude :slight_smile:


Yea also having issues with permissions. @vespura Is this a bug?


Make sure you guys are executing the permissions.cfg or you will have issues :smiley:


Ok, here is an example then.

Why does everyone have access to what is suppose to only be for Mods / Admins?

# Time Options (restricted to moderators & admins only)
add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.TimeOptions.Menu" allow
add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.TimeOptions.All" allow
#add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.TimeOptions.FreezeTime" allow
#add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.TimeOptions.SetTime" allow

# Weather Options (restricted to moderators & admins only)
add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.WeatherOptions.Menu" allow
add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.WeatherOptions.All" allow
#add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.WeatherOptions.Dynamic" allow
#add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.WeatherOptions.Blackout" allow
#add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.WeatherOptions.SetWeather" allow
#add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.WeatherOptions.RemoveClouds" allow
#add_ace group.moderator "vMenu.WeatherOptions.RandomizeClouds" allow

Not gonna lie @Vespura this looks sick.


Good work Vespura!!!