Diamond Casino Cars Missing

Check Vmenu for DLC cars. Or re-download Vmenu. Check if you have a No AI player script. I hope this helps!

I’m a bit confused, what does Vmenu do? I simply see that I can’t spawn 8F Drafter and similar dlc cars from Diamond Casino as if it’s missing.

use that link

I did, I still don’t get how I’m going to solve it.

delete and redownload the Vmenu

You need to enforce the proper game build on your server, the default one is 1640 I believe, which does not include Casino, Summer Special and Cayo Perico DLCs.

I’m not using “vMenu”, I am using a very simple car spawning script that allows me to /car [model name]. The issue that I am having is I can’t spawn any of the Casino DLC cars, I can spawn other cars normally. Do you understand?

That’s the problem right there. vMenu
Download that. That’s for the Vmenu

My friend, the cars don’t exist in game, I have tried buying them on “esx_vehicleshop”, they are not in the game files itself. I can download vMenu but that won’t help me spawn Casino DLC Cars.

Ok idk either thats the only solution

Do you know how can I do that?

In the .cmd file in which you start your server, you need to add +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189.

It should look like that (running in a windows environment I assume) :

./FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg +set onesync on +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189

I need to put that in start.bat? Is there a way I could put such thing in server.cfg

Yes in the .bat file. It wont work in the server.cfg unfortunately.

It started downloading about 1.4gb files, Is it normal? Do other players have to do the same if they join my server? It even closed FiveM afterwards.

Yes it needs to download some stuff but it will only happend the first time. FiveM will also restart each time they try to connect to your server in order to transition to the other game build.

Is there a different way to solve this? Personally, I have added many cars from Casino DLC into my vehicle shop and what not, I feel like without them, we would miss a lot of good variety of cars. What do you suggest?

This is the proper way to do this. Streaming every vehicles you want would make your server very resources consumming.

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I think I will launch the server w/o the casino vehicles for the beginning, I will use the newest version once I get good amount of players I suppose.

Sorry to bump this thread again however, I have seen several servers with “DLC: Casino Heist” within their names. Once I connect to the server, It does not close the game to do any kind of patch while when I do ./FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189, It closes my game to do an update.

Any recommendations?