[How To] Use -cl2 to Launch Two Instances of FiveM

You just run the second client with the -cl2 argument. The guide below was written to workaround some bug - you don’t need to ‘delete adhesive’ or ‘use sv_lan’.

Old guide

The other day I was making a script that I needed a second person to test. I looked for a way to launch FiveM twice, finally I found one, the -cl2 launch parameter.

Unfortunately, I used this launch parameter wrong. I am now waiting out a ban. While waiting I wanted to figure out what I was doing wrong, now that I know, I want to share with everyone.

Step 1: Delete adhesive

You are going to want to remove adhesive from your client. This is what I looked over when I got banned. Some of you may be skeptical about this, but bubble said in the FiveM discord that you should remove adhesive if you plan to use -cl2

To start off, navigate to your FiveM directory and enter the FiveM.app folder (aka FiveM Application Data)

Find adhesive.dll and rename it to something you will remember, I renamed it to disabled_adhesive.dll. Make sure you remember what you renamed the file to. Moving the file to your desktop or another folder with also work.

Step 2: Remove adhesive from your server

You’re going to want to remove adhesive from your server as well. The process is the same as before except this time the file is named svadhesive.dll instead of adhesive.dll

Navigate to the binaries folder of your server (most commonly called fx-server). This is the folder downloaded from /artifacts/fivem/ / FiveM Artifacts.

Again, just like before, rename svadhesive.dll or move it out of the folder. I renamed it to disabled_svadhesive.dll. Make sure you remember what you renamed the file to.

Now head to the components.json file, in the same folder svadhesive.dll was in. Open components.json in any text editor and remove the line that says "svadhesive",

Step 3: Enable sv_lan 1

You’re going to want to enable sv_lan 1 to play on your server without adhesive. To do this navigate to your start script, most commonly run.sh or start.bat. Add +set sv_lan 1 to the end of the file. It should now look something like this D:\fivem-server\binaries\FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg +set onesync legacy +set sv_lan 1.

Step 4: Create a new shortcut for FiveM

To use this launch parameter you’re going to want to make a new shortcut.

Navigate to your FiveM directory containing FiveM.exe. This will be the easiest place to find your shortcut, any other folder will work too.

Right click anywhere in the folder, hover over new, and then click Shortcut. Browse or enter the file path for your FiveM.exe file. Press next then enter a name for the shortcut. Finally, press Finish

In your file explorer, right click on your newly created shortcut and press Properties. A new window will open. At the end of the text box labeled Target add -cl2.

Step 5: You’re done! :tada:

Launch FiveM.exe and the shortcut you made an connect to your server.

Step 6: Joining normal servers

If you want to join a normal server make sure you undo all the steps you did before.

Questions and Answers

Question: Where is my FiveM directory?
Answer: It is most commonly in %localappdata%/FiveM

Question: Why does my other client disconnect for reason “Reconnecting”?
Answer: This is because you have steam open, fully exit steam and try again.

Question: Why does my second game randomly freeze?
Answer: When this happened to me it was because I had vMenu started. According to this forum topic, anything that uses the (Get/Set)ResourceKvp* natives will cause the client to freeze. The simple fix to this is stopping any resource using those natives.


Post updated: Forgot about removing svadhesive from components.json

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@Samplee Could you confirm this works, and could some element confirm I won’t get myself banned doing this? :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is what bubble said to do in the discord when people asked about it. Obviously not word for word but he said to make sure you disable the anticheat, as shown in the screenshot

I’m guessing that in order to disable the anticheat on a Linux server, you have to rename the libsvadhesive.json and libsvadhesive.so inside server/alpine/opt/cfx-server directory? In addition to removing it from components.json that is.

Now about that sv_lan 1 How important is that part? I’ve used to run into problems with player identifiers with that enabled in the past.

Not entirely sure how to do this on Linux, I just hosted a server on my computer and joined. I’d try with sv_lan enabled, don’t want to risk anything. If it does something unexpected ask in the discord / forums.

What is this shitty post? You don’t ‘need to remove the anticheat’ or such, wot?

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@Samplee This could use some major cleanup then :stuck_out_tongue:. Simply adding -cl2 and launching a second client is enough. Should pretty much be a one-step tutorial. May I also suggest renaming the thread from the current title to something along the lines of “Run Multiple Clients” :heart:.

When I did this I got banned, even bubble said to remove adhesive when using it in the discord: Discord

You said in the discord to remove adhesive, I guess I assumed this was the anticheat or something, I reworded the post

based on this post and what bubble said in this post also im confused what should i do to use second client and not get banned or do we get banned for using -cl2 at all ?

I used it the other day on my non-local server without touching any of the adhesive stuff. Haven’t got my cheeks clapped yet so seems to be working fine for me :+1:.

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Tried with just creating another shortcut of fiveM client with -cl2 params (no adhesive removal, no +set sv_lan 1)

Works great :+1:

Hope FiveM won’t ban for doing this.

(Now I can test my multiplayer script alone lol)


I literally can not get this to work. I am following the instructions and when I try to enter -cl2 an error pops up.

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Need to have a space between .exe and the - like FiveM.exe -cl2

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Worked, thank you.

Anyone else tried this recently? I’m doing just -cl2 and I’m getting some errors loading certain scripts, like this…