Server anti-cheats

So a lot of server owners has issues with cheaters, decided to create a topic where we can try find best way to secure the server. Share opinions and tips how to make it as safe as possible.

Currently I’m using:

vMenu v3.1.0 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support

[Release] EasyAdmin, It’s as easy as it gets!

[vRP] [ESX] AntiCheat for FiveM

[Release] AntiCheese Anticheat

vMenu - I’m using with permissions set only for admins, mainly using it to quickly ban someone and spectate (too bad you can’t hear what players are talking). After banning with vMenu (if player was online) then I create /banoffline 0 to make it even stronger.

EasyAdmin - only using this because it’s required with esx_anticheat, it don’t really work good for me, can’t unban anyone with it, but that’s probably just me.

ESX Anticheat - this one has a lot of configurations…
Weapons as blacklisted: blacklisted-weapons
Vehicles blacklist: blacklisted-vehicles (just make sure these are not in your vehicleshop, etc… also added cargoplane and jet, since cheaters like to spawn bunch of these, hopefully it will work for them, havent tested)
Objects/props blacklist: objects-blacklist

AntiCheese - I disabled SuperJump just not sure on which one Cheese or ESX AC, because if you jump off a cliff you get banned so, no thx. Also while writing this here I added blacklists to both ESX AC and AntiCheese, also added to props cargoplane and jet, maybe it will work tho.

Any tips, suggestions is appreciated. If you have anything, please write it right here. :slight_smile:

I suggest you read How To Create an Anti-Cheat - List of Vulnerable and Abused Events (Updated January 2020) and How hackers can exploit your servers and what to do about it