Preventing Injection Modders?

What do you guys do to prevent people from using injected menu’s?

I’m getting a daily occurance of people coming in spawning peds, spawning ufo’s etc.

I don’t know what to do here.

Any help is appreciated.

Get a ban system put into the server or maybe think about whitelisting your servers.

What do you mean by “Get a ban system”

Where would I find this system?

You can try this one?

I have vMenu… how does this prevent injected modders?

It doesnt prevent them itself. It gives you a way to ban them so they dont come back. Thus, preventing them.

You could also search “resource scrambler” that might help you.

You can’t manually detect injected menus. I was just supplying a way for you to deal with those people.

I know I had seen a few things where people get kicked when trying to join a client side enabled server and then it would kick them and tell them to leave and rejoin without it

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I mean, I have easy admin. I can ban people.

But telling who actually is modding is near impossible.

I didn’t have this problem yet, but with growing community I am expecting something like this every day now.

I have server sided Mellotrainer, but only I am allowed to use it, as the admin (only one). There is also forbidden Scripthook on the server.

If the menu is admin restricted with steam identifier, is still possible how to get around it?

Mellotrainer is easy to hook into, there’s a lot of security issues with it, so be careful. It’s not updated anymore.

I know there’s a specific issue with people hooking in and banning people on the server.

There is anti-cheese which prevents people from using God mode and other things.

You can also think about creating a resource (not sure if it exists) that checks for certain models around a player every so often and deletes it. For example the common troll UFO model. You can do the same with weapons that you know players don’t have access to by using a weapon blacklist resource

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Also finding myself getting people who spawn in UFO’s and yachts, only menu I have on the server is vMenu. When the server is full with 32 ppl it is impossible to find out who’s doing it for sure