How can i add this to my Server

@CloakedMaster No, but google will.

what does i have to google

im sorry im totaly new can you pls help me

As @jxmessc0tt said, if it’s on an MP ped you need to be a club member. Otherwise, you just need to stream it in a resource, use the search feature to find out how to.
Search: How to stream peds? if you don’t know how to stream stuff.

but i dont want to add peds i wanna add clothes that player can choose on character creation can you help me pls

Assuming this is replacing a texture for a ped, you will follow the same instructions as for streaming a ped.

im sorry i dont know how it works can you pls do it for me

As stated before, use the search feature.

can i choose it in the clothes store than ?

I’m not understanding your question.

are you german ?
in english: i wanna add this bag that can every player can use this in character creation

I am not German. Like I’ve mentioned twice before. Use the search feature to search How to stream peds? and you will hopefully understand. Unfortunately, for you, English is the primary language used on both Discord and forums.

OK now its on my Server how can i use it ?

Well that’s different. There are many ways of approaching this, for one, use a trainer. Another, use a script to change the player’s ped model.

Is there any trainer that only i can use (admin)

I’d recommend vMenu, it allows for a lot of customisation and restricting of certain sections of the menu that come with.

how can i open that

You need to install it first.

and then how open ?

Look here.

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