[How-To] Setup DiscordAcePerms / Badger_Discord_API with vMenu

  • Ever want to make vMenu restricted to certain people but don’t know how?

  • View below to see how and what’s needed!

  • The following files below are NOT changing the gameplay whatsoever, the original creators work still is the same, I just added templates to the files allowing for ease when it comes to permission making and restricting weaponry for your rp server(s)!

  • You don’t have to use the templates I made, you can still use the orginal creators files and choose what YOU want to be there and what you don’t want!

  • Keep in mind, I am in no way taking credit for any of these scripts made, Credit is due to the original developers and is shown more in the README.md!

Main things needed:

  • Original Script Links (UnModded)
  1. Badger_Discord_API: Link
  2. DiscordAcePerms: Link
  3. Discord_perms: Link
  4. vMenu: Link

Files included with the zipped file (Modded)

  • The stuff(s) below are modded to work already with DiscordAcePerms, all you have to do is change anything with “CHANGEME”
  • Download the LATEST release to get the modded files.


Script Addon Template
DiscordAcePerms {RoleID, “group.member”} | (Example: {23129812837283, “group.staff”})
vMenu add_prinicple group.member | Adding perms: add_ace group.member “vMenu.VehicleSpawner.Addon” allow

How to hook the scripts together (Starting from scratch):

  • So you wanna know how to hook discord_perms, Badger_Discord_API, vMenu, and DiscordAcePerms together… Awesome, lucky for you I know how to do that.
  1. Add all the scripts to your \resources folder or wherever you want them to be.
  2. Add these lines to your server.cfg exactly! There is a specific order they need to be started!
# Discord Related
ensure Badger_Discord_API
ensure DiscordAcePerms
ensure discordroles
ensure vMenu
exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg # Directory your permissions.cfg for vMenu is located!
  1. The scripts are in working order! Restart your server to see them start up.

Customizing the scripts to match your server:

  • Badger_Discord_API:
  1. Open the Config.lua, you should be able to see a bunch of other information regarding the script. Look for the top line stating guild_ID, you want to put your server’s ID there. (If you don’t know how to get your server’s ID, view this video > here
  2. After adding the guild_id, scroll down until you find Bot_Token, you want to connect your bot created from Discord Developer Portal (If you don’t know how to do so, view this video > Here

  • DiscordAcePerms:
  1. Open the config.lua
  2. You should see some premade fields, however, your best bet is to delete them and add new ones.
  3. View the template fields below to add more fields:
roleList = {
    {RoleID, "group.name"}, -- Template
    {0, "group.member"}, -- General Member Role.
  • DiscordAcePerms works from top to bottm, i.e. the higher the rank is via discord, the lower on the list you want it to be; For exmaple:
roleList = {
    {RoleID, "group.name"}, -- Template
    {0, "group.member"}, -- General Member Role
    {2389473248972334, "group.founder"}, -- Server Founder

  • Discordperms
  1. Add your Bot_Token you used with Badger_Discord_API into Discordperms.
  2. Add your guid_id that was put in Badger_Discord_API into Discordperms.

  • vMenu
  • vMenu permission editing can be a challenge for most people, view the text below for easier understanding.
  1. Open vMenu’s permission.cfg
  2. _Scroll down until you see the lines regarding adding principles (Usually around line 152)
  3. You want to copy the groups you have in DiscordAcePerms into vMenu by doing the following below:
  • DiscordAcePerms:
roleList = {
    {RoleID, "group.name"}, -- Template
    {0, "group.member"}, -- General Member Role
    {2389473248972334, "group.founder"}, -- Server Founder
  • vMenu
add_principal group.member
add_principal group.founder
  1. Adding specific permissions for a group is easy than most people think. ~ Example regarding that is also shown below!
add_ace group.member "vMenu.VehicleSpawner.Addon" allow
  • The following code line above will only allow players that are a MEMBER to spawn addon vehicles in your server!

Further Support:

  • If you need help and the guide above doesn’t help you, you can reply down below and get further help that way.

This is a bad tutorial because you don’t need discordperms or discordroles to utilize DiscordAcePerms and Badger_Discord_API.

It’s for vMenu.