[HELP] Please help with menyoo in fivem

When I had reinstalled my FiveM and had reinstalled Menyoo and setup all the settings for it, I had went to play the game, my key bind was still F8, so that was wired, then I spawned a vehicle through the menyoo and it had spawned max upgrades. Upon further investigation in my Menyoo, it has all the settings turned on and everything on, if you know how to solve this issue, please let me know, Thanks!

You’re not telling what issue you are experiencing.

I’d suggest you to watch this video, which explains how to properly install ‘Menyoo’ for FiveM.

Since I bet you’re using this mostly for vehicles, I’m suggesting you to use vMenu by Vespura, which is created for FiveM. Menyoo is primarily created for singleplayer GTA V, not for FiveM. For ex. Menyoo will bug out due to the keybind being on F8, which also launches the server console in-game.

If you were Reading, I do tell the issue, and I do not use it mostly for vehicles, I Just happen to spawn a vehicle and have experienced the issue, and I have watched videos on how to properly install the menu and all. So if you cant help, dont comment.

Oh, well. If you’re talking about ‘it had spawned max upgrades’, that isn’t an issue but rather a function Menyoo has.

Next time also maybe be a little more polite to the people who are even taking the time to reply to your thread, thanks.

Yes, it is a function, all of the functions on the menu were activated at the same time which I had not done on purpose, In my original post it was an issue because all of them were malfunctioning.