Change Things on MpCharacter

Hey! i have a server with disabled scripthook and i basically want something like you can do with simpletrainer where you can add beards change skincolor on mp character. can i get some help?

In the way of trainers vMenu comes with the most amount of features(to my knowledge since i use it lol) and a permission system that is very easy to set up. Im not sure if this helps you but you should try it out.
However i know you can edit PEDS and change various of other options.
And since this is server side you do not have to have scripthooks on.

There are not a whole lot of server sided trainers out there so Good Luck!

Hope this helps

meanwhile we are talking about vMenu do you know why everyone has access to ban everyone even without permission?

I ran in to that issue once it was due to me not setting the permissions correct. Once i figured it out i have had no problems.

Thanks ill try to reinstall it :slight_smile:

Let me know how you make out, If i can help you at all ill give it a try.

Also when installing vMenu make sure to enter the following in your server CFG

set vMenuDisableTimeAndWeatherSync true [Note:Only add if you have odd sun flashing issue, chances are you will not have any issues]

exec permissions.cfg
start vMenu


Make sure the permission cfg is located here

Note: don’t add the first line. Only do that if you want to disable all weather and time options.

Yea im aware, i got it to work now prob did something wrong in the permission file dont know what though im going to edit it again to see if it fails again

Oh yeah sorry about that, Since I have something else syncing the weather and time it caused a confliction so i was forced to. If you log in to the server and it flashing between shade and full sun then add that line in.

I fixed it, i think i made it crash when i was adding permissions for the guns

Nice, Good luck with modding and setting permissions its really simple. Just a bit of trial and error but thats what makes FiveM Fun.

Thanks for the support! and i agree :wink: