Character Editor

Hey guys, I have a question, is there a mod or method which would allow me to edit my character (MP Male) like in GTA online? Because the preset faces (expecially for female) look like shit.
I know I could go to GTA online and create new character then port in to fivem using trainer and directors mode, but that would take too much time and would require me to delete and restore my mods etc.
So anyway, anyone know any good user friendly character editor mods? (or methods) (simple trainer mp model editor is shit)

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vMenu has quite a nice character editor.

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But this is server sided menu, not client side, and I dont own a server, I am trying to find a good method to customize my own character

You can use some client side trainer that you can configure in SP too. But if you go to a random server with vMenu where you can AFK then you can have your character across all servers with vMenu.

I know, at the moment I am planing on creating it in GTA Online and porting to sp over directors menu and then saving with trainer.
My problem with vMenu is that it is server side, how do I inject it into my game as client side mod to go to random server to set it up?

You don’t need to inject anything with vMenu, it’s an automated download and run from server side, same as any other script.
To use vMenu you need to find a server that is using it.
(And I think if you inject anything to the client you will get banned from FiveM)

Ohhhhh I just realized what you mean, got it, (find a server with vMenu) thanks, I will try, altho it would be nice to have dedicated menu (client side) for that

I just found a server with vMenu, it has character creator, HOWEVER instead of parents names it displays numbers, and it is confusing as hell, any help?

I didn’t developed vMenu, sometime I made a custom character creator but I was need to go to the GTA online creator and search for every name. So currently I can’t help with that…