[Release] Mega Plane Pack {35 Aircrafts Included}

Lmao, impressive on my side not to realize that it was in fact in the pack. I’ll work on it right now

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Version 1.3 Released

  • Updated Handling Lines
  • Fixes with aircraft(s) not spawning correctly/not at all
  • Addressed issues regarding interior seat placements


Version 1.3

Looks great :smiley:

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Please remove the MAXQ from the pack, i dont want to crash my server.

O_o That was funny right?

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What am i doing wrong? In the server cfg I added “start (Foldername)”
start devpack

in the addons folder in Vmenu I added “SpawnName”,

When I try spawning the plane it instantly crashes. Why is there no installation text file in the folder?

Try spawning thru client sided menus or thru the Vehicle Related Options > Vehicle Spawner > Spawn vehicle by name… If this still crashes perhaps try and reinstall the pack?

you gonna tell the same thing to the people that put real liveries on vehicles? how about the ones that make real vehicles. Everyone infringes on makers TOS.

Amazing pack with detailed, accurate and high quality aircraft. Handling is decent and will liven up any server with a big focus on realism and aviation.

hello ,which plane is the us airways because i cannot find it on any of the planes that look like the photo

It perhaps was removed to conform to the 16mb limit for streaming fivem vehicles, but also because that airline no longer exists as they merged with American :slight_smile: . The picture looks like its a Airbus A330

why am i missing the file
" client_script { ‘vehicle_names.lua’

and when i remove this part of the sqript then the server is be open but can’t spawn any of the planes
can someone help me out of this problem.

Great question, I have personally never had that error, so perhaps just reinstall for now and I’ll look at it in a couple hours

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Looks amazing.
Sorry for the dumb question but i am relativly new.
If i put this pack in my ressource folder, how can i spawn them on my server.
I tried caps ,non caps and the command spawn.
Can anyone help me pls?

verify its loaded in the server.cfg

Yes all the 4 files are loaded into the cfg.
With what console do you spawn them and what is the command.

use vmenu or something to spawn it in

Oh ok haha thank you.
Great work

btw can you make a pack with military jets and military transport aircrafts and refuel aircrafts etc. ? would be really cool man

you can probably go to gta5mods and find some to convert into fivem; ones made by skyline I think is the name are usually safe bets to use