[Release]Weazel News pack / News vehicles pack [2.2][Discontinued]

Upon OP request


how to spawn

any command or something

Spawn it in with the spawn names

Use your menu to spawn it in, you need to add a server sided menu or a client side menu. You can also download a custom script and then type /car (Spawn name)

/car (Script) Very simple /car command
Server sided menu vMenu v3.1.3
Client sided menu [Release] Lambda Menu

A proper news job to go with this would be awesome setup at the weazel news building with spawn for the vehicles and job grades like Camera man ect. :slight_smile:

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Hi, i have some problems trying to download the templates, i got a DNS problem (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN) . Can you please reupload the templates?

Btw great job

Works for me

is the real resolution 500x500 ?



Loved the pack, thanks for making it!

Starting from cfg but not spawning from /car newsvan

Can you send me what you have in your cfg`?

And you need a script to spawn in cars with /car

Thanks for answers I fixed it

Amazing stuff!

im trying to make it spawn but vmenu cant find it and my in game /car wont find em either

hi there can you do a tatorial on how to add the mic and camera to a fiveM server