[Release]Weazel News pack / News vehicles pack [2.2][Discontinued]

Nice pack, thanks for putting it together @godgutten.

Here ya go, [Release] Weazel News Camera and Mic

Upon OP request


how to spawn

any command or something

Spawn it in with the spawn names

Use your menu to spawn it in, you need to add a server sided menu or a client side menu. You can also download a custom script and then type /car (Spawn name)

/car (Script) Very simple /car command
Server sided menu vMenu v3.1.3
Client sided menu [Release] Lambda Menu

A proper news job to go with this would be awesome setup at the weazel news building with spawn for the vehicles and job grades like Camera man ect. :slight_smile:

Hi, i have some problems trying to download the templates, i got a DNS problem (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN) . Can you please reupload the templates?

Btw great job

Works for me

is the real resolution 500x500 ?



Loved the pack, thanks for making it!

Starting from cfg but not spawning from /car newsvan

Can you send me what you have in your cfg`?

And you need a script to spawn in cars with /car

Thanks for answers I fixed it

Amazing stuff!