Problem in installing lambda menu

Can someone help me out in installing lambda menu… i tried alot of tutorials but failed everytime…

Lambda menu is very old… I’m not surprised you’re having difficulties. Anyway, can you be more specific as to the problem/s you’re having installing it?

@ChristopherM if you have any alternate, you can help me that… i am just finding a menu to check by spawn my vehicle I imported… i just put my files in plugins folder and one config file in main fivem folder but nothing happened in the server… and also no error showing

If you run a server (even a local host), I highly recommend vMenu:

Drag-n-drop install for the most part.

@ChristopherM will this help me in spawning vehicle i saved from gat5 mod in the server?

vMenu does everything Lambda does, and more. That includes vehicle spawning :+1:

@ChristopherM i tried installing vmenu… did everything what installer document said but when i try to open my localhost, it popups as coudnt load resource vMenu… what to do bro?

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