Where is Lambda menu located on fivem server folder?

Need help. Where is lambda menu located on your server folder? Also could someone link me a place to download vmenu???

vMenu download: vMenu v3.2.0

Also not sure what you mean by “where is lambda menu located on your server folder” as lambda menu is most of the times used clientside

I’m not very good with developing or anything like that but I wanted to know like is the lambda menu located some where like all your resources? like resources would go in the resources part but like is lambda menu in a part like that except different. you probably won’t understand what i’m trying to say but it doesn’t really matter.

Lambda menu is installed on your computer not your server. Also I won’t use lambda menu as it is not updated with the latest vehicles and interiors.

Well there’s a version of lambda-server https://github.com/citizenfx/project-lambdamenu/tree/master/Server not sure if it works though

I just want to know how to remove lambda and install vmenu

Just set sv_scriptHookAllowed to 0. Like so:

sv_scriptHookAllowed 0