Compiling DLL Files

I was looking into modding menus, and I decided to test out some stuff on the vMenu. Looking at the files for vMenu, I realized its all in .dll files, which I haven’t touched before. I decompiled it using dotPeek and I edited the name as a trial. The issue is I can’t seem to get it compiled back to what it was again. I have attached all the references, but it still gives me too many errors for the file to go back to its .dll format. What exactly am I doing wrong?

Is there a way to just add the .cs , .pdb, .sln, & .csproj files into a folder and just stream that instead onto the server?

vMenu Source Code
vMenu Forum Link
Credit: @Vespura
just edit and compile it!

um…I can’t get to that step of compiling it as it has too many errors for it to compile as shown above.

Are you trying to compile the source code or files that you decompiled with dotPeek?!
just download the source code edit it to what you want then compile it!

So I have a dll file. I opened the Dll file on dotPeek and decompiled it. I opened the code onto visual studio and edited the name. I made sure to add the reference for the file (citizen core.dll or whatever it’s called) but I can’t build the file because it has too many errors.

dude , just download the source from github! do not decompile it with dotPeek. just download vMenu Source from github and edit whatever you need then compile it !

Just use the source files… dotPeek probably doesn’t decompile everything like it should.
Don’t use the decompiled files.

Gotcha, so I would assume if I did another project that didn’t have the source files and only had the .dll files that it wouldn’t be possible to edit correct?

The chances will be very high that it wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t be cool and nice to also give the source code.
If you want you can hide pretty nasty stuff in dll’s…

how you compile the dlls etc MainMenu to vMenuClient.dll?

use visual studio to make the edits using vmenu source code and then on the top there should be a build option and then it will give you the dll format of it

you mean to do editied source code .dll and what?, what you gonna do next? sorry for this questions im new in coding

click code and then download the files from this link (do not go to the releases tab) and then open the vmenu.sln file in visual studio. Then make whatever changes you need to do and then go to the top bar and select “build solution” or something along those lines and then it will transform all that code into a .dll file for you