[Release] No-Clip

Hello folks!

Today I present to you a no-clip resource that I have ported from @Vespura’s vMenu.

(Check bottom for credits)

I did make minor changes to the orginal code, (besides making it standalone) and also made it as configurable as ever!

Preview of the config
config = {
    controls = {
        -- [[Controls, list can be found here : https://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/]]
        openKey = 288, -- [[F2]]
        goUp = 85, -- [[Q]]
        goDown = 48, -- [[Z]]
        turnLeft = 34, -- [[A]]
        turnRight = 35, -- [[D]]
        goForward = 32,  -- [[W]]
        goBackward = 33, -- [[S]]
        changeSpeed = 21, -- [[L-Shift]]

    speeds = {
        -- [[If you wish to change the speeds or labels there are associated with then here is the place.]]
        { label = "Very Slow", speed = 0},
        { label = "Slow", speed = 0.5},
        { label = "Normal", speed = 2},
        { label = "Fast", speed = 4},
        { label = "Very Fast", speed = 6},
        { label = "Extremely Fast", speed = 10},
        { label = "Extremely Fast v2.0", speed = 20},
        { label = "Max Speed", speed = 25}

    offsets = {
        y = 0.5, -- [[How much distance you move forward and backward while the respective button is pressed]]
        z = 0.2, -- [[How much distance you move upward and downward while the respective button is pressed]]
        h = 3, -- [[How much you rotate. ]]

    -- [[Background colour of the buttons. (It may be the standard black on first opening, just re-opening.)]]
    bgR = 0, -- [[Red]]
    bgG = 0, -- [[Green]]
    bgB = 0, -- [[Blue]]
    bgA = 80, -- [[Alpha]]


Installation is as usual:

  1. Place into your server resources folder.

  2. Add start No-clip to your server.cfg.

  3. Enjoy :smile:

Known bug(s)

  • Player still walks and turns when no-clip is active.

If you find any bugs are problems feel free to comment them here or make an issue/pr on Github.

@Vespura for the original code. Check out his vMenu here!
Proof to release:

@sadboilogan for the instructional buttons.


Can you make it Whitelist ?

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If you wish i could add ace permissions so only people whoms ID whether it be steam or their license can only use it,

If you can and have time it would be great!

from which key can we use it?

Default key is F2 but you can change it in the config.

can you write a simple code to change its button please

You just have to change the control id in the config. No need to “write code” See:https://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/ for control ids.

i still didnt get where to write it and what to write as on my F2 THERES ALREADY SOMETHING ELSE

Look in the config table found withing No-clip.lua.
Where you see openKey = 288, change the 288 to a key ID from https://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/

OHH THANKS ALORT YOU HELPED ME… I need one more help from you, i have got a HUD for kick and ban for admin, its on F2 but i want it on /admin command can i do that?

Can you add ace permissions please ?

How to add only for admins?

Ace perms?

can you add only admins please

I know this post is over a year old, but I pushed a PR to fix this. https://github.com/AntwanR942/No-clip/pull/1

hey, is there’s anyway to make a cool-down for nocliping?

How to disable shooting in this noclip???

How to add ace permissions only for admins??

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What is this useless script ? A lot of people ask if you can make it only for adminds you ignore them… No one will use this otherwise its cool…