[Release] No-Clip

Hello folks!

Today I present to you a no-clip resource that I have ported from @Vespura’s vMenu.

(Check bottom for credits)

I did make minor changes to the orginal code, (besides making it standalone) and also made it as configurable as ever!

Preview of the config
config = {
    controls = {
        -- [[Controls, list can be found here : https://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/]]
        openKey = 288, -- [[F2]]
        goUp = 85, -- [[Q]]
        goDown = 48, -- [[Z]]
        turnLeft = 34, -- [[A]]
        turnRight = 35, -- [[D]]
        goForward = 32,  -- [[W]]
        goBackward = 33, -- [[S]]
        changeSpeed = 21, -- [[L-Shift]]

    speeds = {
        -- [[If you wish to change the speeds or labels there are associated with then here is the place.]]
        { label = "Very Slow", speed = 0},
        { label = "Slow", speed = 0.5},
        { label = "Normal", speed = 2},
        { label = "Fast", speed = 4},
        { label = "Very Fast", speed = 6},
        { label = "Extremely Fast", speed = 10},
        { label = "Extremely Fast v2.0", speed = 20},
        { label = "Max Speed", speed = 25}

    offsets = {
        y = 0.5, -- [[How much distance you move forward and backward while the respective button is pressed]]
        z = 0.2, -- [[How much distance you move upward and downward while the respective button is pressed]]
        h = 3, -- [[How much you rotate. ]]

    -- [[Background colour of the buttons. (It may be the standard black on first opening, just re-opening.)]]
    bgR = 0, -- [[Red]]
    bgG = 0, -- [[Green]]
    bgB = 0, -- [[Blue]]
    bgA = 80, -- [[Alpha]]


Installation is as usual:

  1. Place into your server resources folder.

  2. Add start No-clip to your server.cfg.

  3. Enjoy :smile:

Known bug(s)

  • Player still walks and turns when no-clip is active.

If you find any bugs are problems feel free to comment them here or make an issue/pr on Github.

@Vespura for the original code. Check out his vMenu here!
Proof to release:

@sadboilogan for the instructional buttons.


Can you make it Whitelist ?


If you wish i could add ace permissions so only people whoms ID whether it be steam or their license can only use it,

If you can and have time it would be great!

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from which key can we use it?

Default key is F2 but you can change it in the config.

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can you write a simple code to change its button please

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You just have to change the control id in the config. No need to “write code” See:https://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/ for control ids.

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i still didnt get where to write it and what to write as on my F2 THERES ALREADY SOMETHING ELSE

Look in the config table found withing No-clip.lua.
Where you see openKey = 288, change the 288 to a key ID from https://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/

OHH THANKS ALORT YOU HELPED ME… I need one more help from you, i have got a HUD for kick and ban for admin, its on F2 but i want it on /admin command can i do that?

Can you add ace permissions please ?

How to add only for admins?

Ace perms?

can you add only admins please

I know this post is over a year old, but I pushed a PR to fix this. https://github.com/AntwanR942/No-clip/pull/1

hey, is there’s anyway to make a cool-down for nocliping?

How to disable shooting in this noclip???

How to add ace permissions only for admins??

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What is this useless script ? A lot of people ask if you can make it only for adminds you ignore them… No one will use this otherwise its cool…