[WEAPON][FREE] Stealth Carbine Weapon

Greetings to everyone!
We are pleased to announce Hane Mods, the new production area of Hane Studios. Hane Mods is an organization that works on Weapons, Custom Peds&Clothes, Custom animations and poses.

Because of Hane Mods establishment, the first project of Hane Mods, Stealth Carbine, is with you for free.

Hane Mods’ Stealth Carbine AR mod is exactly for those who like to do their job silently. Thanks to the fixed silencer on this beautiful rifle, it does not frighten even pigeons eating on the ground. If you are going on a mission with your S.W.A.T team, the bad guys won’t even know you’re coming.

Download files :
HaneStealthCarbine.zip (21.1 MB)


Informations :

| Installation

• First, download the file called HaneStealthCarbine.zip

• Install the VMenu version that we shared in the download file on your server.

• Paste all the lines in the text document named addons.json into addons.json in the Config folder of vMenu.

• After you put the StealthCarbine and Attachments files you have downloaded into your Resource folder, you can start them from the server.cfg file and make them ready for use.

• Make sure each folder is separate. Otherwise, you may encounter problems.

| Hane Studios

Hane Studios is a producer and publisher organization that creates its own resources through its designers and produces Mods for GTA V to FiveM Industry with its co-producer developers.

| Credits

Producer : Hane Studios

Developer : [REDACTED]

Project Leads : Hane Mods | Humble , Butik

Initial Attachments : CallieKills

Photoshooting : Hane Mods, Skrungus, ukeyS

VMenu : Vespura


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| Code is accessible | Yes
| Requirements | A properly working server setup
| Support | Yes


Byeah, hope people will enjoy my creations :sunglasses:


Addons.json included with this release has some leftover entries of other weapons. (like militia rifle, duty pistol etc., i guess there are also components from other addon weapons) Also the text is formatted differently and just pasting it in doesn’t work.

Hello @THE_IV4N , thanks for your feedback.
We have made some additions to our topic for the solution related to the problem, you can use the gun without any problems by taking a look at it again. Enjoy it.
Also, as Hane Studios, we are developing our own weapon usage script, coming soon.

If you have encounter other problems please contact us via cfx.re dm option.