[RE-RELEASE] Lambda Menu resource

Yes, but with “M” to open the menu and the arrowkeys the control it, you will also need to install your own noclip system.

i mean no noclip is good

Pretty much impossible to configure or edit this to your liking. Whoever made it encrypted & compiled the files.

you can do so too: https://github.com/citizenfx/project-lambdamenu

I understand that, but that is the lambda menu which requires users to download files and such. I am talking about this lambda menu within this topic, which is server-sided.

Not if you go to the Github repo and compile it yourself.

You can make it server-sided, just you have to take the source and compile it and make it work.

How would I compile the original source code of Lambda, to have the updated menu server side, and the saved settings if possible.
Let me know if you can either do this yourself, or show me how. I know that most of you don’t have time to, but if you could, that would be great!

i cant control the mod menu
my numpad keys are not working in the game
someone help?

do you edit it with visualstudio? cause that’s how i edit mine. and visual studio is easy. or a different way if its not c#

Could someone either teach me, or take the time to re-compile the open-source version to imitate the client side version which includes remapping navigation & menu launch keys? Most appreciated either way.

Same here, I am trying to figure this out. I have turned it into a .make file after running the build.cmd, but I don’t know what to do next…

is there a way to add “addon cars” to it?

Is there ever gonna be a update so its comptiable with this current fivem? Really wishing for it, its pretty good.

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i’ll try to rework this menu because i’m sure a lot of people are wanting a server sided lambda menu


It’s outdated, you should use a more customisable and permission based menu. Like vMenu.

Would be amazing if someone could create this resource up to date with current fivem. I am sure many servers could need this :slight_smile: vMenu doesnt have the same feel and look as Lambda and I would prefer this.

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whare i can change the open key from m??? beacuse i want it to work whiteout scripthook 1

anybody know if this is getting reworked with the current fivem? getting “resource time warning” and Im honestly not a fan of vMenu. Thanks!!!

It’s pretty good but don’t activate some features like death cutscene because it will crash your game when you die.