[Help] DOJrp Styled Old M-Menu

Hello, I’ve been seeing recently a lot of servers with DOJ’s old Action menu ( A exact replica, even if the true original one. ) If anyone know’s where I can find it please let me know. If not I’ll just try to make one.

Someone released it, couple hours later FiveM Moderator’s took it down as it was stolen from Codurly.

Damn, do you have it? :wink: if u wanna hmu

I do and I don’t it’s on my drive, but I honestly dunno if I can be bothered to even look for it a little.

well if you do find it lmk (if you wanna share it since it’s the only menu i like)

If it was removed by moderators because it was stolen. Odds are you do not want to possess it or spread it around.

hey man… just looking for my favorite menu. I didn’t wanna spread it around. But you’re right.

No promises, I’ll do my best. But if I can’t find it. I can’t do much else.

Lucky for you I think I have it dm me on discord.


The menu DOJ uses was custom, but a look alike was made for it called action menu, It’s pretty simple to edit and configure. I also added a few other client and server trainers for you, action menu is included below.

For client side:

For server side:

There are others for both these are just some.

There was actually a clone of DOJ released not using Action Menu.

Yes but it was taken down and Codurly being a business, redistributing their scripts could put you into legal action. So no point saying a clone of DOJ’s was released because it was removed…

And using their scripts can and will get you blacklisted from FiveM, since selling/buying scripts is not allowed.

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Exactly. Someone in my discord a while back complained about this but I said “maybe read the ToS”.

I’m confused who is selling scripts? Or do you mean the person that released it?

Does anyone know if there is a working menu like this:

I know there is Fiskey111’s menu, but that was closed and there have been no links or downloads for months.
If someone could help me find something like this, I would greatly appreciate it. :wink:

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Do you still have the DOJ m menu?

Does anyone have a menu like the new style menu?