Vmenu settings help


I have edited the Vmenu config and set vehicle settings on true. So this options need to be available on the Vmenu.

If I press the button in game en Vmenu is opening this option vehicle settings are not in the list showing. So all the vehicle options are not available. Is there another option to edit the visability of menu options on the Vmenu?

Can someone help me to see the options I config in the config file??

Thanks alot

Don’t create new threads for resources that have them. Read the description of the where you post things.
Go ask in the original topic or go back and read the file.


I have searching not found, so I set a new topic. Whats the problem… And if u want to be helpfull… send the link to the topic u say it is already there…

Thank u

No I’m not sending a link when there is a search feature and Google. Literally the first thing you see when you search “vmenu” is the topic. Don’t be lazy.

dude, the question I send is not on google… so please stop this and be helpfull or pass this topic jezus man…

Use the search button, type “vmenu”, click the first link. Done. Goodbye.

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