[REQUEST] An autonomous car

I’m looking for a resource that will allow a car of my choice to be autonomous, I explain myself, I put a marker in the GPS then I press a button, then without anything, the car drives, stops at the red light, basically drives and respects the highway code and when you press the space bar, the accelerated car, and fries both traffic, I don’t know if it exists or someone can help me code it because I already have a good part of the code. You can contact me by Discord with @Otton#6353

vMenu has this feature built in.

As far as stopping at red lights and such… another story.

I think the taxi resources do exactly what you’re looking for. You can choose to have them obey laws or drive aggressively. You could easily adapt one of them to your needs.

huh? vMenu has full control over driving styles. You can customize it to use any driving style you could possibly want…
Including “stopping at red lights”

I messaged you lol