[Release] [WIP] ESX 2


Sill looking for old version ? => https://github.com/ESX-Org/es_extended/tree/v1-final

How to run latest ESX

# minimum resources and config to get it working

set mysql_connection_string "mysql://john:[email protected]/es_extended?charset=utf8mb4"

stop webadmin

ensure mapmanager
ensure chat
ensure spawnmanager
ensure sessionmanager
ensure hardcap
ensure ■■■■■■■
ensure baseevents

ensure mysql-async
ensure cron
ensure skinchanger

ensure es_extended


- Switched to a module-based single resource for ease of use and performance
- Performance improvements
- Split all base functionnalities into their own module
- Module can either encapsulate its own functionality or declare global stuff
- Loading modules via method M('themodule') ensure correct loading order of modules
- Automated database schema generation (RIP SQL files everywhere)
- Database schema can also be expanded by other modules
- Custom event system to avoid serialization of event data and cross-resource communication, that make it possible to pass metatables through these events (You can still use TriggerEvent and such to escape that thing)
- xPlayer fully customizable without rewriting core resources (Hello second job, faction system and such...)
- Added some modules to optimize common things like input, marker and static npc management
- Extend base lua functionnality when appropriate via module. example: table.indexOf
- OOP System based on http://lua-users.org/wiki/InheritanceTutorial and improved
- Neat menu API
- Open as many pages as you want in single NUI frame with Frame API
- EventEmitter class
- WIP rewrite of well-known datastore / inventory / account stuff

Code examples

-- Menu

M('ui.menu') -- This module provides global Menu factory method

local menu = Menu:create('test', {
  title = 'Test menu',
  float = 'top|left',
  items = {
    {name = 'a', label = 'Fufu c\'est ma bro', type = 'slider'},
    {name = 'b', label = 'Fuck that shit',     type = 'check'},
    {name = 'c', label = 'Fuck that shit',     type = 'text'},
    {name = 'd', label = 'Lorem ipsum'},
    {name = 'e', label = 'Submit',             type = 'button'},

menu:on('ready', function()
  menu.items[1].label = 'TEST';-- label changed instantly in webview

menu:on('item.change', function(item, prop, val, index)

  if (item.name == 'a') and (prop == 'value') then

    item.label = 'Dynamic label ' .. tostring(val);


  if (item.name == 'b') and (prop == 'value') then

    local c = table.find(menu.items, function(e) return e.name == 'c' end)

    c.value = 'Dynamic text ' .. tostring(val);



menu:on('item.click', function(item, index)
  print('index', index)


-- DataStore


on('esx:db:ready', function()

  local ds = DataStore:create('test', true, {sample = 'data'}) -- name, shared, initial data

  ds:on('save', function()
    print(ds.name .. ' saved => ' .. json.encode(ds:get()))

  ds:on('ready', function()

    ds:set('foo', 'bar')

      print('callbacks also')


-- Here is how datastore schema is declared, no need to feed some SQL file


on('esx:db:init', function(initTable, extendTable)

  initTable('datastores', 'name', {
    {name = 'name',  type = 'VARCHAR',  length = 255, default = nil,    extra = 'NOT NULL'},
    {name = 'owner', type = 'VARCHAR',  length = 64,  default = 'NULL', extra = nil},
    {name = 'data',  type = 'LONGTEXT', length = nil, default = nil,    extra = nil},

-- Want to create faction system ?


xPlayer.createDBAccessor('faction', {name = 'faction', type = 'VARCHAR', length = 64, default = 'gang.ballas', extra = nil})

-- Now any player (which is instance of xPlayer) have the following methods
-- Also user table has now a faction column added automatically

local player = xPlayer:fromId(2)



-- I want to store JSON :(
-- No problem

xPlayer.createDBAccessor('someData', {name = 'some_data', type = 'TEXT', length = nil, default = '{}', extra = nil}, json.encode, json.decode)
-- I want to store WHATEVER (comma-separated list for example) :(
-- No problem


  {name = 'some_weird_data', type = 'TEXT', length = nil, default = '1,2,3,4,5', extra = nil},
  function(x) -- encode
    return table.concat(x, ',')
  function(x) -- decode
    return string.split(x, ',')
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Thanks guys for this work :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kanersps and thanks @GiZz


Can you please make your ESX scripts one big folder, thanks


I’m working on helping them do that.


does this support couchdb as my essentialsmode is couch db ?

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No CouchDB support for now, maybe in the future if someone is willing to help on this task.

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i would but i am only learning couch db at mo not brill at it in a few weeks hoping to know how to do it so if you dont have anyone will message back here

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what is the name of the script that saves loadout and position?

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tout installé comme le tutoriel mais cette partie ne comprenait pas.

Create a resource or add this in an existing resource :

TriggerEvent(‘es:setDefaultSettings’, {
nativeMoneySystem = false,

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The script name is es_extended

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Hi GiZz, I want to thank you for sharing your framework, very good, I’m enjoying it, I’m having some problems with esx_atm, no matter where I am and press E, it opens the option of deposit and withdrawal, has any solution for this ? The other problem is with the work of Police, at the time I’m going to wear the uniform, he does not wear it, he keeps the clothes he was wearing.

Can you fix a place where everyone can start in town?

Thanks for the framework, I’m grateful.

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Can you make your ESX scripts all in one github? To just download, pull the SQL in DB and start the server?

I downloaded everything I set up the server and so far it’s almost everything 100% only 2 Scripts giving error, other than that, excellent team work :slight_smile:


Thanks ^^
Yes, it’s planned, but not yet ! we have a few basics to finish (lscustom, basic needs aka food and drink, etc).


The ATM is fixed already, you must have an old version.


Thanks :slight_smile: , tomorrow I will see the 2 scripts that are giving errors (addonsccount & society) and my pack will be practically ready to test more deep and translate, but so far everything I have seen is very good, excellent work, easy installation, translation, and lots of fun, amazing how easy is make the server with ESX.

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Thanks, I updated the ATM and now everything is ok.

Do you intend to create a file for other users to translate into your languages?

I think if you do this, more people will surely use your framework.

Keep up the great work, congratulations again.

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Thank you :slight_smile: we are starting to include translations in scripts but that is not the priority

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Esx Scripts are good. 90% works normally. But I’m having a mistake with esx_vehicleshop

It starts normal but it starts to return me these 3 errors Can someone help me ?

[ERROR] [] An error happens on MySQL for query "SELECT * FROM user_vehicle WHERE [email protected] {@identifier=steam:11000010b8efe66}": Table '71_151_gta5gamemode.user_vehicle' 

[ERROR] [] An error happens on MySQL for query "SELECT personalvehicle FROM users WHERE [email protected] {@identifier=steam:11000010b8efe66}": Unknown column 'personalvehicle' in 'field list'

[ERROR] [] An error happens on MySQL for query "UPDATE users SET [email protected]_state WHERE [email protected] {@identifier=steam:11000010b8efe66;@player_state=0}": Unknown column 'player_state' in 'field list'
Sending heartbeat to live-internal.fivem.net:30110
hitch warning: frame time of 286 milliseconds
[SAVED] ???[PM] Denny Novaes
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None of our scripts use these tables