[ESX] Improved HUD (compatible allcity_wallet)

ESX Improved HUD

Hello everyone, we did a survey here : [ALL CITY] Esx improved HUD to find out if you wanted us to share our HUD with you.

You said to us that you wanted it so here it is :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s not much and it’s very easy to use. You just have to replace the HTML of your ES-EXTENDED with ours.

Nothing’s easier.

In the continuity of our previous releases (especially the wallet) we made the decision to let only the “job” appear, and to display the money in our wallet.


Replace your actual HTML (of es extended) by ours. Very easy.

We are not currently working on ESX and this “resource” is pretty easy to install so : we will not provide support on our discord for this resource !!

You can ofc change the font and what you ever want ! we recommand to you to dont use EMOJIS in your jobs names (it create a conflict)


GITHUD/DOWNLOAD : https://github.com/AllCitySor/allcity_hud

Credits :
- @Kalu for Allcity. And ESX-ORG for Es-extended ! (we just remade the HTML folder).
- ES-EXTENDED : [Release] [WIP] ESX 2

The wallet :

Others releases :


best hud i’ve ever see

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That’s cute so far, not seemingly fits a roleplay server, but surely an RPG one.


Well thats why we advice you to use our wallet script ! to still being possible to to display your current money


what value should I change if I would like my HUD at the bottom of the page


This is the problem, the esx HUD is made with the ASS and this is a bunch of shit, so you’ll have to modify all the css/html of the es extended, if you really want to make yours. Cause actually its a real garbage. Thats why we didnt use esx, there’s a part of “random” things who are not made by us.

is it possible to disable job grade in hud?

i added it like any other script and its saying couldnt load resource allcity_hud

read on how to, just replace html in es_extended no need to run it as another resource :slight_smile:

RPG = Roleplay Game… So a RPG server is a Roleplay server. Lmao :joy:

Seems like you haven’t played SA-MP in your life, it’s stands for a light roleplay server which is basically uses some Death-matching methods within their “roleplay experience”.

Gday, Ive tried to put this in, replacing html. And nothing happened it kept the old HUD. es_extended was recently updated and I dont know if this is the issue. Any help is appreciated thanks

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any idea on making it stretch out the words instead of making columns
like i want the words to go across the top also i want to remove the black overlay.

Hello sir here is help for you

Go to your: C:\dev\cfx-server-data-master\resources[esx]\es_extended\html\css\app.css

edit there row 42 to make hud larger and row 25 to move hud. Let me know if you have problems

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thanks budd it worked :heart:

can i just remove my actual html and then put allcity html?

Hello! how i can add the Money in Bank to the HUD? in the right site or left site of the Job Name?

Hey! im trying just to remove the bossmoney, what is the script for this so i can remove it? :smiley: im using Allcity_wallet so need to get rid of it :stuck_out_tongue:

How can i keep the wallet but remove the bar and job title at the top?

My HUD bar as nothing on it help