[PAID] [ESX] [QBCore] Prison ++ V2

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Ahoy. Before we get started, this script is set up for Gabz Prison, however, it is super easy to adjust to fit any prison (Even free ones). The script is not encrypted, you can make any changes you want.

So what is the script? Prison ++ Is a Jailing & Prison Economy Script. It includes the following;

Jailing System - /Jail, /Unjail people as Police. You can /Jail someone again to ADD Time onto their current sentence (SO if they have 10 months, and you jail for another 10 months, it’ll be 20 months instead of just overwriting.)

LEGAL Jobs - Inside Prison are Five already set up Legal Jobs to do.

  • Janitor (Infirmary) - Clean up the mess left over by the other prisoners.
  • Electrician (Yard) - Help fix the electrical boxes around the prison
  • Janitor (Cellblock) - Clean out the toilets in the Cellblock.
  • Cook (Kitchen) - Prepare 20 Ingredients worth of meals for the Cook.
  • Garbageman (Yard) - Clean out the trash barrels in the Yard

Kitchen – Inside the Kitchen you can get food, and drink for free. Simply walk up to the Counter and choose your desired “meal”

  • Also inside the Kitchen is a Ped acting as the “Commissary”, He sells things for MONEY (Which is earned through the legal jobs). Set up as many things as you like in here.

ILLEGAL Stuff - There are three prison gangs set up inside the prison. (Families, Ballas, Vagos).

  • Join your desired prison gang - You can only join One, obviously.
  • Build reputation with the gang by completing illegal activities that they give you.
  • Earn Cigarettes & Rep once complete, you can trade your Cigarettes to the gang for whatever items you have set up for them to earn.
  • Items can be locked behind Reputation, so in order to purchase something you need XX Rep before you can buy it.
  • There are 5 different illegal activities set up for Crims to do, on a 30 minute cooldown timer.

DRUGS - Manufacture your own drug in Prison. (Called ‘mud’ in the video above).

  • Not shown in the video, it’s produced using different ingredients.
    – rottenapple - Which you randomly find in barrels when emptying trash
    – bleach - Which you can buy with MONEY at the Prison Commissary
    – water - freely available in the kitchen
    – undissolvedsteroid - which you find while cleaning the infirmary

  • Once you have the ingredients, mix it in the toilet on the second floor in the corner.
    – Once Mixed, you need to put it in the oven in the kitchen for it to cure/cook.
    – By default, the process takes 2 HOURS (Change in Config).

  • Reasoning for this is to make it exclusive to those who spend a lot of time in Prison.

Drug complete - So what to do with it now? Simple! Smuggle it out of Prison.

  • Smuggling - Buy a bag from the Commissary, load in 40 of your drug, and throw that shit over the prison wall.
  • Anyone who walks up to the bag once tossed out can Alt-Menu and loot the drugs.
  • Become a Kingpin from behind bars!

For guards - Inside the Cell block control room, you can trigger a Prison Alarm which sends out a News Alert to everyone in the city, as well as playing an alarm sound for everyone within 300M’s of the Prison.

Recreational Activities - Who says you cannot have fun in Prison? There are two activities set up to kill time

  • Wall Ball - Located near the wall-court is an NPC who will teach you how to play.
    – You and anyone who joins tosses a ball against the wall and tries to grab it off one bounce/before it goes out of bounds, pretty simple.

  • Basketball - More specificly, shooting. You and anyone else who joins can shoot around a basketball. Once using the command (/basketball and /joinbasketball) anyone around you can shoot and pick up the ball (Press E to shoot).

  • for both activities, it’s just /leave to leave Wallball and /leavebasketball to leave Basketball. This will stop displaying the marker and quit you out of the game.
    /join to join Wallball, and /joinbasketball to do the same.

Prison Storage - is included (Default location is… the trash can in the kitchen… you need to change the event to however your inventory opens stashes)

Doctor - there is a Doctor in the Infirmary that will heal you to full HP upon use. If you change up the events it triggers, it is possible to revive downed players as well.

I’ve included an edited nh-context with the download, as well as what items are needed in the readme.

The script requires ESX; Tested on Legacy but should work on -any-
PolyZone - GitHub - mkafrin/PolyZone: PolyZone is a FiveM mod to define zones of different shapes and test whether a point is inside or outside of the zone
bt-target - GitHub - brentN5/bt-target
nh-contextmenu - GitHub - nerohiro/nh-context: Simple, minimalistic event firing context menu
swt_notifications - GitHub - Switty6/swt_notifications

If you are using the base bt-target resource, you need to add my export to the scripts main.lua - listed below.

function AddEntityZone(name, entity, options, targetoptions)
Zones[name] = EntityZone:Create(entity, options)
Zones[name].targetoptions = targetoptions

exports(“AddEntityZone”, AddEntityZone)

^ the above " " get messed up on copy/paste so make sure to check them.

Some of my other scripts: Oxy/Deliveries 1 | Taco Job 1 | Meth Making 1 | Mechanic Job | BMX Comp Standalone 2 | Fitness, Group Yoga & More 1 | More Interactive Stores | Burgershot | Prison+ 1 | Underwater Salvage Job | Jewelry Store | Chop Shop 2 | The Best Trading Cards Script To Date 1 | Cluckin Bell | Chicken Job | Chicken Fighting 1 | Armored Truck Heist 1 | Baseball (Standalone) | Pizza Delivery | Crypto Currency | Garbage Collector


do the jobs reduce jailtime ?

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This looks like what I want for prison! definitely giving it a try

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Let me know when that qbcore version drop this looks dope

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They don’t, but it’d be very easy to set up. I’ll post the code here later if you’d like to add it.

Also, For those who have already purchased it I have resent a download link (I forgot to include the SQL, the new link has the SQL)

I’ll def let you guys know when the QB Version is complete.

good job!

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Sounds really good. Also waiting for the QB version. Looking forward to it.

Someone just finished converting the QB Core version for me, just needs to be tested then it will be released! :+1:

QBCore Version is now released, Also tagging you @Cpt_NoHand . Version is included in the download link.

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Where is the QBCore version? Tebex only talks about ESX. Thank you

Included in the download link, you get both versions

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What about the dependencys?
Most are ESX if I’m not wrong?

Nope, the QB Version relies solely on QB Dependencies (qbtarget, qb-menu) or whatever it’s called

The script will work if a cop will sent a Citizen to the jail in QBcore ?
with timer
another question is it based on the regular jail ?

ESX Legacy compatible?

Yep made on legacy