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Ahoy. Jumping right into this;

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Config Pt 2

This script is pretty simple, it allows you to create as many business/restaurant/food places/whatever in one simple script (You are just changing the config) but can change anything you’d like in the client/server as well.

Why have 10 different scripts for your businesses/restaurants when you can just condense it into one!
No more need of a script for burgershot, taco place, and every other random fast food joint you may have, this all-in-one is all ya need.

  • Set up places to interact anywhere you’d like (Business/Restaurants and stuff)
    – Choose what Animations you’d like for people to use while interacting/crafting from the locations
    – From there, Create Food/Grab Drinks (Or any other type of crafting you want)
    – IF YOU WANT Things to be crafted (E.G to make a Burger you need Buns, Meat, and whatever else it’s VERY simple to do)

[‘burger’] = {[‘meat’] = 1, [‘bun’] = 2, [‘lettuce’] = 1}

That’s it. Very simple, very easy. Set up how many of each item is needed to make the item and whala. It’s like magic, but not.

  • Supports Blips cause you know, what kind of savage doesn’t use those.

[‘Bean-Machine’] = {
Coords = vector3(281.0, -966.54, 29.38),
Sprite = 214,
Color = 2,
Text = ‘Bean Machine’

Add as many as you need.

  • EASILY Set up places for Storage & Boss Menu’s as well straight into the config.
  • Simply choose the location, job(s) needed to open it, and fill in what export/event is needed to trigger your storage (From your Inventory) or Boss Menu (Probably esx_society) - Which is already filled in.
  • Individually choose what each business can craft

[‘Bean-Machine-Coffee’] = {
Models = {
}, – Only fill in if Not a BoxZone
BoxZone = false,
BoxCoords = vector3(0,0,0),
BoxLength = 0,
BoxWidth = 0,
BoxHeading = 0,
BoxJob = ‘bean’,
Icon = ‘fas fa-hand-paper’,
UseAnimation = true,
AnimationDict = ‘[email protected]@[email protected]_5c’,
Animation = ‘brotheradrianhasshown_2’,
AnimationTime = 3000,
Products = { – The Finished Items to produce

[‘Bean-Machine-Cab’] = {
Models = {}, – Only fill in if Not a BoxZone
BoxZone = true,
BoxCoords = vector3(278.9, -973.31, 29.42),
BoxLength = 2,
BoxWidth = 0.5,
BoxHeading = 0,
BoxJob = ‘beab’,
Icon = ‘fas fa-hand-paper’,
UseAnimation = true,
AnimationDict = ‘[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]’,
Animation = ‘machinic_loop_mechandplayer’,
AnimationTime = 3000,
Products = { – The Finished Items to produce

  • Supports Models or BoxZones for ease of use.

The video was recorded a few months back and isn’t exactly a work of art, although it’s hard to get a good video for this as everything is basically done via the config.

The script requires ESX; Tested on Legacy but should work on -any-
PolyZone - GitHub - mkafrin/PolyZone: PolyZone is a FiveM mod to define zones of different shapes and test whether a point is inside or outside of the zone
bt-target - GitHub - brentN5/bt-target
nh-contextmenu - GitHub - nerohiro/nh-context: Simple, minimalistic event firing context menu

^ Provided in the ZIP for the Script (Uses an older version of nh-context)

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Top Tier <3

Nice script, it have cloakrooms and rank lvls for the jobs?

You can set up cloakrooms, but not grades for the jobs (but can easily be implemented if you know how, the code is very simple and easy to read)