The OneSync EAP and you

Note this post was written in 2018, many of the items here are woefully outdated. Take the topic’s age into account! Element Club tiers or manual access are only required for using slot counts over 32, in general enabling OneSync is always suggested as it enables server-side scripting and other significant functionality/bug fixes.

At FiveM, we are concerned with your safety every day. Therefore, we have decided to release a practically broken, crash-prone and early prototype of OneSync to our most valued community members, for use in testing, development of scripts, and helping out to weed out the final few :ant:s left over in the system.

We call it: the OneSync Early Access Program.

Mind you, this is pre-release software functionality, which is not representative of the final release, and any functionality may be altered, removed, incinerated, frozen or temporarily murdered at any point in time.

With that said, you might be wondering - how to get access, how to use it, and what the hell do you do? :hippopotamus:


  • An active server perk tier of one of the following types:
    • Element Club Argentum/Aurum/Platinum
    • Manually Granted Premium
    • OneSync EAP
  • The latest server build. For OneSync, server builds will have to be approximately in sync with the matching client build. There’s no checks on this for now, please be aware of this!
  • Patience and tolerance for bugs.

The OneSync EAP group will be granted to development/testing servers only upon request and receipt of a valid use case other than ‘i have server gib 64 slots’ or similar. In addition, open source builds can be used for internal testing if you don’t want to wait to be accepted - see the building documentation and remove the check for the OneSync message from the client to try it.

We may revoke access to the OneSync EAP for any given user for any reason, including but not limited to complaining about known issues, slander (‘this sucks fivem crap’), and other reasons to be chosen at our discretion.

How do I use it?

  • Make sure your server has the right license key type.
  • Run Windows. Linux servers may work, but there’s potential issues preventing players from seeing one another. This will be fixed at a future stage. Don’t ask for an ETA, you’ll risk losing access to the EAP. Linux is fixed now. Rejoice!~ Linux is still not considered supported. It might work, but because there’s no tracing/error reporting functionality, you won’t receive any support, and will experience issues.
  • Launch the server with the added argument +set onesync on. This probably won’t work in the configuration file. See tweak(server): add unified OneSync variables · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub for more information for stricter configuration.
  • Make sure sv_maxclients is over 32 if you want to use that many clients. Use 63, not 64, 64 might be a very bad idea, or maybe that was hardcap. :man_shrugging: 64 works now. Finally, real 64 slots! You can even go up to 1024 slots if you are feeling like you can push it all!
  • Fix your scripts in case there’s any <31 loops to use <255 loops to iterate over players. Players go down from 63+1 now, so your script will be broken if left unchanged. Also consider using GetActivePlayers()
  • Report any issues that aren’t listed in the ‘known issues’ set down below, or otherwise posted.

Known issues

  • Bandwidth usage might be a little insane. Fixed!
  • Population (AI traffic/peds) might have various glitches such as:
    • Migration failing (unable to enter a ped car)
    • Peds being dragged along behind their vehicles. Mostly fixed for now.
    • Really weird desynchronization of traffic. Mostly fixed as well.
    • Crashes due to pool sizes. Doesn’t seem to occur remotely as often.
    • Ghost vehicles that appear for only some players.
    • Population density in places might be weird. This is being investigated.
    • That is, it’s recommended to use a script to disable population. You can run population fine now! Yay!
  • Pool sizes aren’t checked currently, don’t spawn too many entities by hand.
  • Sticky bombs are unlikely to work properly. They’ll beep a lot for other players, but they can blow up fine.
  • Guns are currently broken - firing won’t be shown on other clients. Guns work! :gun:
  • Fires spread in weird patterns. Nope, they don’t anymore.
  • Certain vehicle gadgets (hooks/magnets) do may not work as expected.
  • Distance culling is a really lazy implementation, certain script calls might not operate properly. Distance culling has been improved but set-as-mission-entity is still ignored.
  • There’s no voice chat built-in. Mumble will be re-added at some future time. This is still the case, but we’re working hard on improving this! there’s been voice support for ages now
  • The GTAO built-in text chat won’t work. This is intentional, and it won’t return. Use the chat resource like you should’ve done at all.
  • Certain script calls from the NETWORK category that operate on the session won’t work or will not have expected results. Please report any of them that you find!
  • There’s a lot of unknown-cause crashes that may randomly occur due to memory corruption or other issues. A lot less crashes now, still sometimes clients crash. Please report it.
  • The server might still, rarely crash, please get procdump to get dump files to report these crashes if youre using Windows.
  • There’s a big Time window which is to be replaced with a giant watermark saying ‘OneSync prerelease’ or so. The FiveM watermark on the top right adds /OneSync-ALPHA when playing on OneSync servers.
  • PlayerAppearanceDataNode may not sync sometimes, this is being investigated. Changing the player appearance again usually will resolve this.

Missing features

  • Most of the OneSync scripting API.

Have fun! :mascot:

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Thank you for all the work done :grinning::mascot:


Thank you for that good Work! :grinning:


I wish good luck and a lot of patience to all testers and developers! Keep up the great work, guys! :crossed_fingers: :v:





How do you get premium? :slight_smile:


By going to the Patreon page


Good Job! I recommend letting the none supporters test this local only.


Will take a look at it. Thanks for releasing this long awaited update <3


:heart: :tada::tada:


Holyyy shit man!!
Awesome <3



  • Argentum (FiveM Element Club Argentum) 15$ / month
  • Aurum/Platinum (FiveM Element Club Platinum) $50 / month

to much for me, sorry.

  • Element Club ho much?

The minimum tier would be argentum, so $15 p/m to be able to use 1s EAP.


Phew, that’s a lot for something you can not even test. Plus, considering that on other platforms this is free, I do not think that’s alright. Way too expensive. And this should in no way be pejorative of the work done by the scripters.
For $ 15 working in Europe one or two hours, just think about it.

Thx for the fast answert. I will think about it.


The CitizenFX collective is dedicating their time to create this mod for you. I think it is only fair and gives them more of an incentive to work on FiveM. Plus, this puts a filter on people who are just going to keep complaining about OneSync being broken.


Job well done! I’m always happy to see progress done with OneSync and especially when its a huge step towards a smoother player experience.


I think you are little bit fan-boying here… I develop my server for my friends for free. Using a spare server of my company. I develop my own assets even share my solutions with the community, helping kids out, something a lot of serverowners don’t. Its just a HOBBY for me, not a business like FiveM and a lot of servers a becoming.

I think you making a judgement/thinking error. If we are at the point that FiveM, isn’t hobby anymore, something went wrong in my opinion. The legality of it all of is grey area up on it self. I’m glad to help and share my knowledge, but i’m very hesitant to pay for something like this.

Most servers are labours of love with friends, so I find it a bit ridiculious to pay 15 dollar a month, that no one pays me back. And how about the time I spend deving assets? There are far more small, not professional communities, than there are Nopixels and TFRPs. And no i’m not asking my friends for money, i’m happy that we have a our own filled private (not on the list) server most of the days. More slots would only mean more friends to play with, not more money!


All source code for the feature is available and can be used if building yourself, there’s an option to get the prerelease for free on the official builds if requested (and accepted use case), and once completed, the functionality will be free.

Of course, to get guaranteed access on official builds during the pre-release phase, you’ll need a subscription.

In addition, servers are not allowed to make a profit from FiveM/related services, so if you’re seeing any server that operates as a business, please report it by emailing [email protected].


What? The Argentum perk is not only OneSync EAP acces…. And what do you even mean by “can not even test”, there is a OneSync server available publicly to test the features?

Yes and it will be free for FiveM as well, but as of right now, this is an early access feature. As stated on the patreon it saids access to early access stuff as a perk for > $15 pledges.

Also this is a good way of making an incremental release, not overwhelming the developers because all the servers decided to use 1s.

The prices are what they are, if you can’t afford it then you are out of luck. And how are scripters even related to this?

Above all, being a patreon is about supporting the FiveM platform. It’s done out of the good will of the people. not to obtain x feature. Sooner or later all the features will be available for the public.


I already have Element Club Argentum!

How can I get this one?

  • Manually Granted Premium
  • OneSync EAP