This week in FiveM: October 11th, 2018

We found a potato. This post is less than a potato. Less.

Progress, starchy tubers and events

  • The OneSync EAP fiasco.
  • Make native documentation actually used by the client.
  • Implement replicated client/server convars.
  • Some tiny bug fixes.
    • Level loading DLC usage.
    • Merging PRs.
    • Fix .NET 4.5 targeting, again.
    • Something about Citizen.Await that affected vRP negatively.
  • Nothing else, amusingly.

Ehmmmm… f*ck


it may not seem too much progress to people (:thinking:) but i understand how much effort goes into this project and i appreciate all your hard work :slight_smile: <3


Appreciate the attention given to smaller issues, thanks a lot! :heart:

After this update I crash when spawning in a second vehicle everytime.

I tried to disable all my addons too.

After this update…

  • disconnect, server restart, every gamermust restart fivem
  • server / game chrash by getting a vehicle like felon
  • there is a hole on the same singular line left and right highways south until north. left near brigde, right near fabrik (esx weed field)

The gamer restarting fivem was always a thing. But the vehicle crash is weird. I have that same issue

please open a new topic in #technical-support and remember to fill out the template that way the issue will get fixed quickly.

No update even shipped to production this week, so get off of canary?

Similarly, no code changes were made recently that could even cause that and the labeled things work fine on a clean server on the latest canary.