What's the OneSync Project?

Yes, but I wanted the details and if there was any demos, to see them cuz I like seeing stuff like that :3
But I get it, the normal GTA Online Network has limitations and problems with it when modding comes and going over 32 so we need something new and improved.

Alright, gotcha. I guess

The most information of OneSync that’s been released to my knowledge.

Nice, but the demo stuff they link says “No video with supported format and MIME type found.” (same goes with every other browser) so I can’t see the demos, oh well, thank you ! :smiley:

Weird. Maybe one of the elements will catch this post and possibly post a better link.

Any known news about the release?

I believe it is set to come out in H1 of 2018.

A few questions about OneSync:

Will peds / traffic be a part of OneSync or would we have to develop this ourselves?

Will OneSync continue to support native functions as I wouldnt like to start developing our server for support for these to be dropped?

I imagine they will be part of FiveM, yes. I can’t see any reason for the elements to drop this.

7 months later, any news?

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as recently error always happen crash crash or crash or infinity downloading update bla bla bla and maybe this onsync is next more error generation XD, i hope it will fix all error happen not for next new error causes

Then report it… They can’t fix something they don’t know about.

yea it true they do thing and dont know what they do lol

You understand that the update loop was only for several people, not for everyone. This is all the released information about the onesync.

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update loop happen to all my friends , before restart they can play fivem normally and while crashed and when they trying to rejoin fivem next happen is suddenly show them an update loop, we try to use disable connection to bypass update but when connected and try to join any server but the server aborted to join and show us a message "are u sure your fivem is updated ??? " . we are can not play fivem since 2 days ago and now still happen an update loooooooop.

i m sure that you mean not happen to everyone is mean might they decide to bypass the update but unable to join server , or they can play fivem normaly and before restart fivem , butttt if they restart i think will show them an update loops too . so i guess it will happen to all who trying to join fivem after update loop happened

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Report it… What the fuck are they gonna do if you don’t report it? Just magically realize you are having this issue and fix it?

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tell me pls … where to report ?

In the #technical-support section… It’s pretty obvious.

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i did posted there but no solution since 2 days ago , im now can only waiting the update loop and loop :v :v :v :v :v

Use the support template, the last post you created was just a vague description which isn’t helpful to any software engineer.

The support template is there for a reason, and filling it out in its entirety will allow them to diagnose the problem more easily.

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