FiveM 64 slots servers

I know that the team is starting to work on the 64 slots servers but can we get like a date for when that is going to happen? In some servers there is a huge overcapacity ( I don’t know if this is the right word, I think it is lotation) and all people want to play and can’t connect.


If I recall correctly this happens when dumb people lift the hardcap, nothing good is coming of it. No, 64 people are not actually in that server to my knowledge, instead there is 32 people either in their own instance or attempting to join.

I think that I explained incorrectly, as you said there are no 64 people on the server but there are too many trying to connect to the server causing what appears on the printscreen. And for that it could be helpful the new 64 servers slots. This happened yesterday, in other days usually the server is 38/32, 34/32 people, there is always people trying to connect but they can’t. Nice avatar btw xD

Did you not read his response?

That many people are not actually in the server.

The only indication for the time of release we have is h1 2018, for the rest, the others already answered ur question.


fyi: people could also run multiple copies of their same server to handle ‘everyone trying to connect at once’.

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If you actually took the time to read the website, you’d see where it says:

we are targeting 64 initially, but it should be easy to reach at least 256 — which should be coming H1 2018.

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hello, I would like to ask, to upgrade to 64 slots, just edit sv_maxclients 32 in the config server? or do you need something more? can I set the number of players I want?

same question here

Google it like everyone else:

Hey guys can someone tell me how can i have 120 slots to my server???