OneSync+ and future work on OneSync

Got any fixes?
I’m getting random crashes too.

no, I just turned it off. reportedly the main cause is high vps latency

Turned onesync off?

@Luis_Andrade1 & @Yaukz_Zkuay

This is not a support topic, please do not muck up this thread with support issues. If you need support please utilize the proper sections.

How can I turn onesync on

See The OneSync EAP and you

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Any new news?


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Hey, Must change here too?



Is there a button to disable the RAM leakage?

LOVE IT:sparkling_heart::kuwait:

Can you use the onesync if you have a 32-slot sv? free ? to discard and see possible errors that can cause or appear.

Launch the server with the added argument +set onesync_enabled 1

Onesync 32 slots is free.

I think its kinda weird to pay 50$ per month and additional costs for servers. I mean you could make the plans smaller and more people would open servers with 128 slots so yeah.

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How do i know when my argentum is ready for onesync? does it says anywhere on the keymaster that i am premium? if yes can anyone provide a pict on how it will look like? thanks

Yes it will tell you on the keymaster website when you are bestowed with Patreon rewards. It will say at the top of the site, right above your keys.

No picture though, sorry.

I read through all comments but looks like everyone is talking about 64+ servers. I have 3 questions.

  1. What if i want to use free ONESYNC for 32slots server. Do I have to update any of the loops or it’s just enough to +set onesync_enabled 1 and update server to version 1346 or above?

  2. I get this in server console when someone connects:
    “InvokeNative: execution failed: Argument at index 1 was null.”
    “SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native 000000002f7a49e6 in script host failed.”
    “> handler (@■■■■■■■/rconlog_server.lua:12)”
    Is it correct that I have to ignore it or just don’t start “r.con.log” script?

  3. After turning on ONESYNC many of my server scripts (like police,ambulance etc) stopped working properly is there a global fix to it or how to fix them one by one?


If you cared to do the slightest of reading, you’d find the solution.