FiveM Server with more then 32, 64 or 96 players

Hi all, I an going to launch my own server in a few weeks, but before i launch it, i wanted to see if it was possible to create a FiveM server, with more then just 32 player slots. I want to create the most immersive server, yet to hit FiveM and in order to do so, i need more player slots, so that more players can be on at once, which will allow for more rp’s to happen. If anyone could please help me with this, or has even somewhat any knowlegde about the topic, please feel free to help out.

FiveM has been working on this for a time, it’s called onesync. There’s already a pre-release version available which can be found in the topic below (please mind it’s still in beta and can be partically broken) for more info just check the topic everything is explained

Alright, cool. Thanks alot. Do you know if there is a way to work around it myself, (in the code) or is this the only option?

As FiveM is built on-top of the orginal RAGE/GTA online framework more than 32 slots, aren’t supported without onesync.

Onesync implements a new way of doing this which in the core of the mod. You can’t implement this yourself using a resource or something. Or you have to contribute to fivem, but then still is onesync your only option

Ok, thanks a lot fro the help, greatly appreciate it.

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how can i join five m i have no ide what im doing

This is a 4 months old topic and has nothing to do with your question, please don’t bump old topics

To anwser your question go to then click download and run FiveM.exe, it should install. If you have any more questions or issues create your own topic in #technical-support