Get coordinates of every player on the server side

Is there a way to get the coordinates of every player in the server side?
Or maybe to get the coordinates of the created objects in the server side?

I saw this one but it seems to return always (0, 0, 0) any ideas?

João Lourenço

These serversided natives only works while running onesync

Okay that is a good piece of information, now looking that one up I didn’t find much specific information on the current status of development, prices nor features that it brings.
I’m more then open to pay for it but I would like to know how we get it, what it is and what it brings.

I saw it has something to do with Fivem patreon but not sure… also saw a lot of posts on how many bugs it brings and that it still is in beta…

Now, is there any page that FiveM keeps up to date with this stuff by any chance?
Also, if we pay the patreon are we sure that we get OneSync or do we need to specially request that too?
(also saw some posts saying it needed to be by request just checking)

Anyway! Thanks and hope someone can feed me some more insights on this one!

Onesync can simply be enabled by adding to your server.cfg or executing in console

onesync_enabled 1

However some things/scripts might break, check out this topic [How-to] Adapt your script to OneSync and fix your issues

Info about onesync: The OneSync EAP and you
Info about onesync (new): OneSync+ and future work on OneSync

Onesync is completely free, you would only need Patreon perk if you wanted more slots.

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Wonderful information, thank you very much!

I will look into this.