The OneSync EAP and you

An active server perk tier of one of the following types: 

Suggests you would need one of the things listed, so you should be good.


I’m argentum, have a key argentum set on my server, i put set OneSync 1 in my run.bat and still it say that my server is not whitelisted for to use it

Running it right now and beta testing at 54 no issues thus far!! A+++

Oh…thats mean it will be free and if we wonna have it now we can use it, but must pay and help you as "beta"tester? Thats right? Oh, I’m sorry than I disunderstand it.

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its working well for me thanks for the hard work only qustion i had and no idea if its related what is in the top left corner of my screen? it looks like the resmon but its not


yes, it’s the server time window, it’s useful for debugging, i believe there’s no way to change it, but dont take my word on this because i am not sure at all.


Noice <3 …

Did you get voice working?

Please read the announcement. It clearly says there is no voice in the OneSync pre release


Yup just read that :wink: Missed that part!

How can i get off the element club

Hello everyone, where i can apply for the beta tester? Im alread a patreon.

have you tried this?

So, to test OneSync I only need the FiveM Argentum Club? Or do I need both the license and the Argentum patreon? I would really like to test the stress of my server resources for the future and I’m thinking about getting the element club and I would like to know more about it

This tells you right here @Gringo1.

My question only is how to get the license, I’m already interested in the FiveM Argentum Club, I want to test how the OneSync stressing and overall in Brazil, so I just wanted to know how could I be granted the license to test it

Unfortunately it is not working on my debian server 8.

See above for further information. @Gringo1

Perhaps that’s why the OP says it doesn’t work on Linux.

Are there more details on that?
Does this mean that we can create vehicles, colshapes and so on with a OneSync server?