OneSync EAP: Why did we not get contacted?

Basically what it comes down to yeah, what I understand from it is that HE wants THEM to contact him to ask if he wanted a test key because “ESX is so big”.

Well from what i can tell from that: I’ve already had enough of such projects to be honest if it starts out like that. If we as professional developers (during day time job) want a test key from Microsoft (which is not in our MSDN subscription) we would also have to ASK Microsoft. Obviously we can’t bitch to Microsoft if they don’t call us :rofl:


Well i was actually looking for ways to DONATE to FiveM without using Patreon to support them once in while when i can and have time to work on it to.

I do NOT CARE about EAP (for my server) do admire their efforts obviously, and then i stumbled upon this ‘rage’ towards FiveM just because he ‘wasn’t ASKED’ because “his/their project is so big”, to me just a bunch of arrogance tbh.


I dont care about eap too :slight_smile:
I Was playing on rp Servers with rage and gtmp. And fivem is the best i’ve ever seen.
Best sync, easiest way to add new scripts and a lot of more better features. And thats why i want to help fivem with my money at patreon :slight_smile:


Same. I love FiveM and will admit to running an RP server based on ESX. Personally I hope this blows over and doesn’t boil completely out of proportion or get any worse than it already has.

I’m not going to take sides here, I think this could all have a very positive effect if correctly handled from here on out.

Is there anyway we can get access to test on a home hosted server? I know it’s for certain server types but will home host ever get the chance to use onesync?

All the options and requirements can be found here:


I sort of feel like if you guys have a issue with this one dev? and your going to phase out something SO many servers use because of your issue your just punishing the players and server owners at that point and are going to get a lot of people upset. over 1 person…

Except they have clearly stated they don’t want it to come to that. Please take the time to read through the entire topic.

whats wrong with writing a base for people to use? i don’t see the problem i built our server off using ESX and then edited it to the point were its not esx at least not a clanky version its a fully working version, i work and didn’t have time to write my own thing. :confused: i dont see a issue with people using a framework just alot of people upset that they are for some reason.

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It’s time that The CITIZENFX collective and ESX Framework are going to sit around the table with each other, just have a talk and sort some things out… GET solutions for the problems that you guys think you have.

I personally think this everything is one BIG misunderstanding.

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Love both communities, but you gotta understand that a lot of people are riding on the comment by manganese, and reading that gives off bad impressions from the viewpoint of someone reading it from the ESX community, because we only want to improve FiveM like everyone else, and now our work is in jeopardy according to his post. Not trying to stir up drama, but instead trying to give clarity towards what people are reacting to. Because for us, we know GiZz has left and is working on his own private project now, and he is probably not coming here for any reason.

Everyone needs to just calm down though. :slight_smile: We should be taking actions to IMPROVE the community, by not allowing ‘hate’ or trash talking towards any of our peers.

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i love esx honestly…but the framework it’s not light itself… every esx server i’ve seen… and my server too… uses at least 140 scripts to make basic rp things to work… and as a scripter… i can say that mantain… find bugs and fix them with 140 scripts it’s hard as hell! That’s why i’ve started my own gamemode with ideas taken from esx and made better… and with 29 scripts my server is almost ready… i think ESX it’s a good way to start learning how to script in LUA and how to make a rp server working… but honestly… 140 scripts with almost 50mb database in 29 tables is too much…


I am no more active as I used to be in the forums because of all the critiscism I received in the past.
I also don’t maintain ESX anymore but I am still heavily using FiveM so I just stumbled across this post.

I don’t say Hawai behavior is correct but if he received just half of the hate I received, I can understand why he is acting like that.

For the record, ESX was made for a friend who wanted to RP on his own server but he had no background in coding.
I was not taking FiveM seriously at first so the coding was very quick.
I decided to share it to help others people to make their RP server with ease.

So ESX was about sharing LOVE not HATE. I understand the codebase was improper and insecure since the beginning but this not a reason to hate here.

The best move someone could do to help the community is to make a new ESX from the bottom or even do an altnernative framework if they don’t want to be tied to ESX.

And the most important part : FiveM is a modification of GTAV, a game, so its about having fun at first.

I am also very grateful for all the FiveM maintainers because without them I could not do that so much hated ESX. Thank you for that great modification framework :slight_smile:


We hereby apologize for one of the elements posting a threat against the ESX community above. This post was not ran by the rest of the project staff, and was posted out of emotion rather than rational thought.

In the future, any statement regarding project policy will be consulted and agreed upon by the entire project team, to prevent situations like this from happening again.


Will ESX-framework be banned or not?

No as stated several times.

The fact that the elements make one mistake and make a formal apology and you make tons of posts shit talking FiveM and the collective without one apology makes it clear who’s being professional and mature here and who’s clearly shit posting throughout this whole post with no factual information for, from what it looks like to me attention. I think that no one could be this dumb to shit talk FiveM publicly this much without wanting attention…

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Appreciate it

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