Need help with FiveM Element Club Argentum

So i just bought the FiveM Element Club Argentum
But where can i find how to enable one sync and all the other rewards?

First make sure your FiveM forum email and Patreon email are the same. then it can take ~6 hours for them to sync, after check in if your keys are bestowed with the bonuses.

For more info about actually running an onesync server you can check the topic

yeah i’ve read it, but i’m searching how to add textcoler and so on

Read this post on information for changing your server name.

What about adding icons? I’m using zap and each time i add icons it works for 1time. As soon as i do another restart or i config the config file the icons change to ??? and the name is just kinda broke…

perhaps ask zaphosting what the issue is there.

tried not getting any respons

makes sure you don’t have their stupid auto update features on and doesn’t surprise me that they didn’t didn’t respond. the only response I ever got from their “support” is “I don’t know”… seriously they are useless.

sad too

If i get it could i boost a server that is not mine?

Wait does Argentum come with server boosts?

If your FiveM forum account is linked on FiveM, you will be granted 1 boost for every $ pledged.

does the boost come right after buying it?