**FiveM Review(Honest opinion)**

It’s random to you but it’s a meaningful code to those that you’re supposed to report it to, as is instructed in the pop-up error box.

what they heck did i just click on?

You’re acting like people are attacking you. This is a discussion forum. It’s intention is to allow people to discuss things. Others are allowed their opinion as well.

Just realizing, my writing really sucks, thats what happens when you are not native neglish

Anyway I am going to shut up now, I just wanted to speak my mind of my experience

in the end roleplaying is my favorite, most public servers are 3/10 or very bad

please do remember, FiveM is/was not mean to be for ONLY roleplaying. There are many other servers such as Transport Tycoon, iluvlc, etc.

the game can ruin a good RP experience with a crash making you lose a lot of progress.

again FiveM is not meant for only roleplaying.

but those docs don’t do shit, I learned more by looking a already made script

everyone learns differently. the docs are really meant for when you want more information/usage on a certain function etc. There is a good basic scripting tutorial on the docs, and there is even an example script. https://docs.fivem.net/scripting-manual/introduction/creating-your-first-script/

FiveM has its many flaws and problems at least I hope OneSync and all the future projects will fix what is going on right now because some of the crashes, errors and problems in general are stupid and ridiculous(and annoying)

FiveM has actually been running pretty smoothly over the past few months. If you have errors and problems then either you have a lot of client side ASI mods, or the scripts on the server you’re playing on are terrible. You should report the issues/crashes you have instead of complaining about FiveM being “terrible”.

OneSync but 20 to 50 dollars A MONTH? WHATTA? Is this Comcast services or a GTA5 modding platform?

A lot of work is being put into OneSync. Also, this is a GTA V modding platform. Unfortunately, I agree with you. We can all agree that a lot of little kids play FiveM. They run to mommy and daddy and beg for their credit card. They should lower the prices a little bit, and more people would probably donate. Like I quoted here: FiveM Progress Report - February 2019 Something is supposedly changing soon with paid resources/cars/scripts or something like that. Not sure if it applies to OneSync/EUP though. You can read about OneSync here: The OneSync EAP and you I do agree that they should at least lower the prices, but hey ¯_(ツ)_/¯ can’t be a choosing beggar.

things like EUP and like the colored name should be free and a given and not behind a pay wall

These are small tokens of appreciation to the people who support the developers of FiveM. They have been putting a lot of hard work into FiveM and now the OneSync project. Good things take time.

maybe RP is becoming overdone

drinking game, take a shot every time you see a server called “California Highway Patrol”
disclaimer: i dont encourage underage drinking

those docs don’t help at all I’m sorry but they really don’t

They really do help beginners in scripting. It’s really just you.

OCRP and other popular servers don’t seem to have problems(lets be real now)

Most popular servers have adults running them. Proper rules/guidelines in place, and actually punish people for breaking the rules. Most non-popular roleplay servers are little kids, who constantly tag everyone asking to subscribe to their YouTube channel, or for other various bullshit reasons. They usually have no rules, they have like 99 text and 99 voice channels, etc. etc. That’s why you see so many small servers with less than 50 people, it’s because everyone wants power(staff/admin) and nobody is getting it, so they usually hop around servers until they get what they want. I agree that is is ridiculous but again, there is not much we do.

In summary you basically complained about these things:

  • People supporting FiveM/CitizenFX by donating for their hard work on FiveM/OneSync and recieving small ‘rewards’ for their doing-so.
  • RP servers
  • FiveM crashing/problems
  • FiveM scripting documentation being shitty.
  • and for some reason compared the price of one month pledging on Pateron to the price of a DOJ CAD.

Sorry that RP servers are fucking trash. There is really nothing anyone can do.

Report the issues you have with FiveM crashing here: https://forum.cfx.re/c/technical-support

The FiveM scripting documentation/native references are actually pretty helpful. I think you haven’t scripted enough to realize it. (you pretty much said you only edit existing scripts)

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Let’s refrain from derailing this topic and going completely off topic.

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The editing scripts is for practicing myself, then I try to create stuff on my own but it takes some time

anyway going back on topic :stuck_out_tongue: are you looking for help scripting or what?

Or I completely fail, and I try again

my Suggestion would be Trial And Error that’s how i learned.

I suck, but yeah I am searching for help

try this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cGPHJh1G5E&list=PLIpzpS7fwntTQOAh2bS8Tz-g8NP4WFhG2

it might help

I’ll try thanks

np feel free to PM me on the forums or post a reply if you need help.

It doesn’t matter if editing scripts is ‘practice’. You just bashed FiveM and it’s scripting documentation for being shitty and not helping anybody, but then you said you only edit scripts. you try to create stuff ‘on your own’, but do you use the documentation, or just try to smash random scripts together and then wonder why it doesnt work? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Roger that

I could tell you my everyday thing, but I was talking in general for when I am creating private stuff(personal)

I know on some things I should have been more specific

You basically said

“fivem scripting documentation is shitty and doesnt teach anyone anything”

"i only edit existing scripts "

What could you be scripting in FiveM that is so private and personal? Stripe api or something?