[PAID][ESX][QB] Kidnapping




  • Get a kidnapping job from a secret man. Kidnap the man from the place you were told. Interrogate the man and video record him. Sell your video record to the man you got the job from.


  • ESX (player, item, notification) or QBCore (player, item, notification)


  • Detailed and easy config. (Change scene, query coords etc. Add new random spawn coords. Set time between kidnap)(Change script language easly.)
  • No ip-locked and no obfuscated.
  • Full optimized. 0.01 ms at idle. Screenshot


  • Added police alert and new animations. Preview
  • A few bugs have been fixed. Wrench animation looped.
  • Added headbag for hostage. Added small fight scenario after query. Added random reward items when selling video record.

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Wow this is new! Great work!! Will def think about this one!

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Yo this looks dope! Any chance to add the torture styles from gta’s offline mission where trevor tortures a guy in the chair?

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Sure, if i find it why not

I found something. I will make it better and update it. Thanks!

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Can you make it to you able to interrogate another player (not just npc)? So without mission, just just grab the victim and do the interrogation


that would be dope too yeah

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Nice release! Keep up the good work!

*but the music in the preview… i always wonder why? *
its loud and has nothing to do with the script :sweat_smile:


I forgot spotify is on, sorry :sweat_smile:

Here it is better displayed

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Well done dude, really cool script :slight_smile:

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I posted the update. Thanks for the idea. If you know of different missions, you can contact me to give me an idea.

I don’t think these animations will work between players but i will try.

You could also add the electrocution animation from the video :smiley:

I did try, i didn’t want to add it because it doesn’t have an object.

Yeah being able to kidnap a player and put them into a chair would be really dope

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I’m having an issue where the person to kidnap is not spawning

Edit: Changing the ped helped. No idea why that ped did not want to spawn.

Could you do that, not just be to an npc and it can be done with another player?

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This animations dont be sync between players. I will try other ways but this is just for now.