Boombox with Watch Party



  • Modern and Clean UI
    ○ Boombox with Watch Party has extremly modern and clean UI design.

  • Boombox Controller
    ○ Fullscren
    ○ Pause
    ○ Loop
    ○ Seek (-15/+15)
    ○ Skip
    ○ Queue List

  • Boombox Features
    ○ Boombox can be placed vehicles.
    ○ You can pick up the boombox and carry it.
    ○ Different boombox props. (3 different model, 7 different color) [included]
    ○ In fullscren mode, the monitor object appears and the cover photo of the music appears on the screen.
    ○ Each boombox has a separate maximum hearing distance and volume. You can set this from the configuration.
    ○ The sound effect applies when:
    You inside of car. (windows open/close)
    You do not see the boombox or you move away.
    You inside of water.

  • Framework
    ○ You can use this resource on STANDALONE server.
    ○ Support ESX & QBCore all versions (with useable items).

  • Synchronization
    ○ Fully synced with other players.
    ○ Duration is checked and synced at certain intervals. (you can adjust the sync time from config)

  • Optimization & Files
    ○ This resource is running at idle with 0.00 ms.
    ○ This resource is using Asset Escrow System by FiveM.
    ○ Some of the files are open for notifications and many editable things. (editable_client.lua & editable_server.lua)

  • Update Notes
    ○ Fixed YouTube copyrighted music won’t play issue.
    ○ Added volume (+/-) feature.

Config & Language

Purchase (35€ + TAX)




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RAINMAD Season'24


u are goat !


Nice release!

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nice :heart:

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Thanks a lot!

nice work :heart:

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Thank you.

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If you can make this work in the trunk where it basically gives the car better audio like bass and trebble I’ll buy this 5 times

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nice scirpt

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Hey ! I have this problem :

Probably copyrighted music.

Upcoming features:

  • Attach boombox to vehicle trunk.
  • Soundcloud support.
  • Volume (+/-)
  • View & like count format.

as for 42.35 euros it’s not bad, but I would put it cheaper it’s pretty much the price

Copyrighted musics dont work ?

You can contact via discord for discount codes.

Yes some copyrighted musics does not work. We will add Soundcloud support soon.

This done? You can put the speaker in the trunk? Let me kno pls

Great script, amazing work.

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nice script

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Update soon!