[PAID][ESX]QB] Jailbreak




  • ESX or QBCore (import, export or trigger versions).
  • Game build must be 2372 or higher. Server version must be 5181 or higher.
  • QTarget or QB-Target.
  • Jail Escape Tunnel. (5$)


  • Currently support qb-prison, esx-qalle-jail, esx-jail and works without jail script. (If you have different jail script, you can contact me. I will help you.)
  • Detailed and easy config. (Change reward and required items, language, etc.)
  • Editable functions. (Help notifications, notifications, police alerts and all server events.)
  • Editable required item and money.
  • Editable police alert time.
  • Addable new electric box.
  • Including minigame.
  • Including required police count.
  • Including police alert.
  • Including discord log when start Jailbreak.
  • After robbery, police players use /pdjailbreak command and can clean area.
  • Can do this heist with your friends.
  • All heist sync with other players.
  • Onesync/Onesync Infinity support. (I tested on gamebuild 2372 and Onesync infinity.)
  • Uses the FiveM Tebex Escrow system. Open source version in store.
  • Full optimized. 0.00 ms at idle. Screenshot

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 450
Requirements No
Support Yes
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will this work with the Gabz prison?

The fence is the only issue if you run Gabz MLO.
We did test it with the Gabz MLO already. Everything works.

what do you mean by the fence is the only problem?

Would this work with Prison++ V2? I like the idea of a breakout system but appreciate the value that Prison++ brings to my gangs.

I would also like to know the answer to this because this is an incredible script and I would LOVE to be 100000% confident that it works with the map.