[PAID][ESX][QB] Kidnapping

@rainmad0 is incredible. I give him MAD props for this script. This is just next level.

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PLEASE such a script for player x player with sync animations would be AMAZING

Is this sync in regards to other players (most importantly the police) would see the ped hostage? Also if the hostage dies before you get to the interrogation spot does the mission end? Also what happens if you leave the car before you get to the interrogation spot?

The hostage ped is visible to everyone. If the ped dies before you reach the query room, or you move away from the car, the mission is failed.

Very nice idea

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Now supports QBCore!

Do you think it’d be possible to modify this in a way to also allow for players to be tortured aswell?

can it work on qbus ?

Yes, support QB.

Allow for players to be tortured as well would be next level, if possible please do this!

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can you also use this on other players?


Its possible?.. Player x Player?

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I will soon.

Can u Make for this at Standalone

Why doesn’t the mission start when I speak to the start PED?

Just a guess, but its an old version of qbcore that it is looking for, or you dont have it set properly in the config. Rain did a lot of cool stuff, but it was all based off of old qbcore. I bought something from him, and had to fix it myself, as support didnt work out well.