[Release] Reason for Vehicle Seizure [PAID] [ESX / VRP / Standalone]

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Explanation :

This is a script that will help players understand why their vehicles have been seized. With it you will be able to take photos of the vehicle and describe the situation, so the owner of the vehicle will be able to see exactly how his vehicle was at the time of the seizure.


  • You will receive 3 versions of this script: ESX , VRP and Standalone . In the Standalone version you will have to perform some simple configurations.
  • Easy to translate and configure
  • In the Config.lua file you can define the job that makes new records.
  • In the Config.lua file you can define whether you want players who are not part of the defined job, to be able to use this script in a specific coordinate.
  • Photos are sent to a Discord room via Webhook. You can change the url link in the Config.lua file and define your own Discord. If you don’t want to change it, you can use what is already defined.
  • This script is not encrypted and you will have access to all of its code.

Command: /reason

Looking at their seized vehicles

Registration video:


This script is fully optimized, consuming exactly 0.00ms

Dependencies :

this script automatically creates the table in the database.

  • mysql-async
  • screenshot-basic

In case of errors with screenshot-basic, check your version of cfx-server-data and update to the latest

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You can buy this script here: Tebex

The script is not encrypted or blocked by IP.


Ok, I ignored this post thinking it was just another UI that you type a couple things into. However, I’m glad I clicked on it this time. Very nice. Hopefully it works as described.

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Thank you very much! In case of any problem, please contact me and I will give you all the necessary support

Actually, once I fixed why screenshot-basic wouldn’t build, it worked flawlessly and as described. No issues at all.

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I will say though. Maybe put in your description or install instructions to make sure people are using the latest release of cfx-server-data. That was my issue with screenshot-basic.

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Thanks for the feedback, added!

Awesome work as usual!!

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Thank you :heart:

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Very good script, I added the date to make it easier for players to identify.

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Thanks ! What a good idea, I hope you enjoy it!

I think the delete function should be added, otherwise it will continue to add.

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This is a good idea. Currently, if you register two vehicles with the same license plate, only the last one will be saved in the database and will overwrite the previous one. This prevents a player from viewing infinite records.

We will implement your idea of the button and in a future update we will launch it on the download link! Thanks for the feedback