Simple LeaderBoard with Ranks [QBCore / ESX / VRP / Standalone] [PAID]


This is a simple Leaderboard, which is recommended more for use on servers with a focus on pvp competitiveness. Players will be able to open a leaderboard showing who the top ranked are. Players will have ranks, which were based on images of the CS:GO ranks, but which the server owner can change to whatever image he wants.


  • Using the /leader command will open the leaderboard for the player. This command can be easily changed in the Config.lua file.
  • You can easily translate the graphical interface in the Config.lua file
  • When purchasing, you will receive versions for QBCore with oxmysql, ESX, VRP and Standalone.
  • The leaderboard ranks players by the score they have.
  • The leaderboard has columns for position, rank, player name, kills, deaths and score.
  • The server owner can create as many ranks as he wants, define which score is necessary for the player to reach that rank and define the images of each rank.
  • By default, the script already has 18 ranks based on CS:GO.
  • The player gains score when killing another player and loses score when dying. The server owner can define how much he wins and how much he loses.
  • The script is not encrypted and does not have an IP blocker.


The maximum resmon captured was 3ms, which is due to checking that the player has died.


Leaderboard open


To update, just download the script from the download link.


  • Fixed player duplication bug in leaderboard.
  • Now the player’s score can no longer be negative, ie the minimum is now zero.


  • Changes: now when two players have the same score, the script will classify them according to the kills they have and if the kills are also equal between these players, they will be classified according to the deaths.


  • Fixed a rare bug that incorrectly ordered the rank.
  • Added the K/D column that calculates player kills/deaths.


  • Updated to the latest version of QBCore.


  • If you use ESX, VRP or Standalone: mysql-async
  • If you use QBCore: oxmysql

No .sql file is needed, the table is created automatically at script startup.

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You can buy this script here: Tebex

The script is not encrypted or blocked by IP.


Hello, Im having a problem with the vRP version every time a restart the resource it just starts a new player on the Leader Board, not saving your previous data.

Here is an image

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Firstly sorry, this is a bug in some VRP versions, we have already fixed it, but you will need to test it on your server if everything is ok.
and we send a [VRP-FixedTest] file to the same download link, you can download and take the test. Save the images you used and the translations (but don’t save the entire Config.lua file)

Its Not Working

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Exactly what part is not working? :slight_smile:

Can you implement a K/D Score so for example on 50 kills and 2 deaths you would have a K/D of 25.

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We will be making updates to the script soon and this will be present as a new column in the GUI :slight_smile:

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can this have a category tab per category

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Sorry, we don’t quite understand what you mean. :confused:

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in ui create a category example kills death etc so they can know who is the moat death and kills and more

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Update 2.1

  • Fixed a rare bug that incorrectly ordered the rank.
  • Added the K/D column that calculates player kills/deaths.

Sorry for the delay in this update

Hi, at the moment it is not possible to do that, but in the next update we make, we will add an adaptation of your suggestion, which when clicking on one of the tabs, it will sort according to that tab. Can be?

if you see the Glife extinction the zombie system you can do like that

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how can i get the update

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Hello, we have moved all our scripts to FiveM Assets. Scripts remain unencrypted and without IP blocking. If you still haven’t received the script on FiveM Assets, you can repurchase it in our store, under the Updates tab, for free.
After that you will get the script in your FiveM Assets and you can download it whenever you want :slight_smile:

will it work on a legacy basis?

ESX legacy? Yes, it does :slight_smile:

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is it possible to use steam names not first and last name?

Hey ! It is possible, you just need to open the Server/Configurate.lua file and change the getName(source) function to:

function getName(source)
return GetPlayerName(source)

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