[Release][Dev] NativeUILua

Got bored earlier this week and converted NativeUI to Lua plus i haven’t released anything in a while…

NativeUI in LUA for FiveM.

Original: https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI

Include client_script '@NativeUI/NativeUI.lua' in your __resource.lua to use

Creation Functions

NativeUI.CreatePool() used to handle all your menus

NativeUI.CreateMenu(Title, Subtitle, X, Y, TxtDictionary, TxtName) create a UIMenu

NativeUI.CreateItem(Text, Description) create a UIMenuItem

NativeUI.CreateColouredItem(Text, Description, MainColour, HighlightColour) create a UIMenuColouredItem

NativeUI.CreateCheckboxItem(Text, Check, Description) create a UIMenuCheckboxItem

NativeUI.CreateListItem(Text, Items, Index, Description) create a UIMenuListItem

NativeUI.CreateSliderItem(Text, Items, Index, Description, Divider) create a UIMenuSliderItem

NativeUI.CreateSprite(TxtDictionary, TxtName, X, Y, Width, Height, Heading, R, G, B, A) create a Sprite

NativeUI.CreateRectangle(X, Y, Width, Height, R, G, B, A) create a Rectangle

NativeUI.CreateText(Text, X, Y, Scale, R, G, B, A, Font, Alignment, DropShadow, Outline, WordWrap) create Text


Used with UIMenu with functions :AddWindow(Window) and :RemoveWindowAt(Index)

NativeUI.CreateHeritageWindow(Mum, Dad)


Currently only can be used with UIMenuListItem with functions :AddPanel(Panel) and :RemovePanelAt(Index)

NativeUI.CreateGridPanel(TopText, LeftText, RightText, BottomText)

NativeUI.CreateColourPanel(Title, Colours)

NativeUI.CreatePercentagePanel(MinText, MaxText)


Original Example menu

NativeUILua Example


Grid Panel
Grid Panel Picture
Colour Panel
Colour Panel Picture
Percentage Panel
Percentage Panel Picture


Heritage Window
Heritage Window Picture


While converting it i also added mouse clicking function on the list item arrows and the slider arrows and i also added my slider item which i created for the C# version

In version 2.0.0 i added in Windows and Panels


The only issue i have come across is the description/string measuring to be wonky compared to the original, if anyone finds the problem let me know!


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Finally! Been waiting for something like this for ages!

Thanks a lot for this :smiley:

Nice! Finally we have some NaiveUI :tm:

Sweet!! Thank you! OMG!

A gift from the GODS!

Wow, this is the kind of quality releases I like, awesome!!


Multiple ListItems in 1 menu? Without conflicts?

please say yes. :mascot:

Does this also allow for safezone-friendly right aligned menus? :thinking:

Looks good!

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What were the conflicts with the C# version and i might be able to give you an answer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Was about to use WarMenu, then this came! THANK YOU SO FKN MUCH!


Just released version 1.0.8 which fixes scaling on resolutions higher than 1080p, thanks to @IceHax for testing


Multiple list items in one menu cause conflict.

got an example/explanation?

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any way to change the background color of banner, and change location on screen? move to right,bottom, etc ?


I was wondering if it were possible to have the menu automatically update values. For example if I open a item and have a right text on it, the right text would only update if i reopened the menu.

Using UIMenuItem:RightLabel(text) you can instantly update button values. Useful if your button is something like: Value: Right Label

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How could I add a submenu inside of a sub menu?