[Re-Release] Esx polspeak

today i want to release my first Script

What it is?

It’s a custom Version from the Polspeak. I’ve just added like 15 Sounds :wink:


  1. I have writen Permisson’s from @G.Bronson to Re-upload it!
  2. Some Announcement can have some spelling mistakes!
  3. This Sound’s are Server-Sided! and all Player in an Area around 400m can hear that!


Default control: F10


You’re not allowed to re-upload this Resource without my Permission! If you want to release a “new” Version of this Resource add me on Discord and we talk about that :slight_smile:


  1. Download this Resource
  2. Extract this Resource
  3. Drop this Resource in your Resources Folder
  4. Copy ALL Sound-File’s from polspeak/sounds in -> InteractSound/client/html/sounds
  5. Write ALL Sound-File Name’s in the _resource.lua in your Interact-Sound Folder OR copy this Line’s from the Read Me!
Add to your Server.cfg

start NativeUI
start InteractSound
start polspeak


Video: https://streamable.com/s465x
This Video is from the “old” Version and @G.Bronson maked this Video!

Test Video from Gta V Fivem and ■■■■■■■ Resources
Test Video from THIS Version

Re-Release-Polspeak-master.zip (2.6 MB)

or go to my

Github Page


If you wish any Support write in the Comment Section below! :wink:

If you like this Script let me know :wink:

Huge Thanks to @G.Bronson who have written the Original Script and give me the Permission to Re-Release this!


Remove your discord from the post, you should pull request these changes to the orignal resource

Script do not work sounds are not playing

Do you have the Requirements? And do you have it install it corretly?

Well i found the “bug” in the interact sound client side all the trigger event name were different from the calls that server file made so to fix this problem if anyone encounter it, just change the name of the client to match names of server example
server call -->‘InteractSound_CL:PlayWithinDistance’
client answer ->>‘InteractSound_CL:PlayWithinDistance’

Posting this since your script is related to interact sound and it may help people that want to install your script

Hello i’m having the same problem (i think it’s related to interact sound to be honest) becouse even another script sound is not properly working, anyway i’ve followed your installation step guide, also added filne names in interact sound resource.lua but in game sounds are not playing

i keep getting this even with original NativeUI

Is that my Release or the “old” Version?

I dont have any Errors

thats your one? its not a biggy bro just wanted to test it out but maybe something my end clashes

dw i installed it into a custom sounds folder thinking i was smart

Your release is working good ! only “bug” i can find is that when you are in submenu and press again f10 it opens 2 menu, other than that nice release!

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Ok :slight_smile:

Nice to hear that :slight_smile: Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes Sir

Show me your __resource.lua from the interaction Sound please

The sounds are not playing everything is well installed and my __resource.lua of InteractSound is like that :

    -- Begin Sound Files Here...
    -- client/html/sounds/ ... .ogg

Did you Copy’d all Sound Files in the Interact-Sound?

Do you have installed NativeUI?

Did you write it in your Server.cfg?

Show me your F8 Console if you have some Errors :slight_smile:

Okey i will tell you the problem if someone is using ‘’ esx_locksystem ‘’ he is working like InteractSound so if you have the same problem just put the ‘’ Sounds ‘’ files in locksystem Sounds folder and it will work no need to install InteractSound