[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)

Here’s something a lot of you have been waiting for, SERVER SIDED(!!!) EUP for FiveM!

Uploaded n 2 parts, one is stream/ folder and other is EUP menu I made using NativeUILua, you’ll need too.

I think you need FiveM Element Club subscription to use this, I got $15 one, but all should work :mascot:

EUP: eup-stream.7z (503 MB)
Menu: eup-ui.7z (4.6 KB)

To use:

# not included!! you need this
start NativeUI

start eup-stream
start eup-ui

and type /eup in chat!

to restrict this, replace , false with , true in the RegisterCommand in eup_ui.lua and give command.eup add_ace


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note that this will not be a requirement anymore once the feature has been tested and is proven to be reliable.

EDIT: please stop bugging me about this, i’m not actively Moderating, or doing anything related with FiveM anymore, this information is outdated, FiveM probably will never make this free, no, i cannot give it to you for free either.


Do we have to update server artifacts if we want to run this?


Already a thing :woman_shrugging:


From what the post says that change is client side it’s something you need to change in your own gta :wink:

This is server side, so the client dos not have to do changes to files, but it’s all streamed from the FiveM server, so maybe retract your post, since it’s not rly something related to this.

One question to the author tho, can you explain howthis works, how you get the props id’s and components id’s is this new id’s compared to the cloath allready in-game, or is it new id’s? and is there a good way to find them?


it replace the same files eup do, so same ids SP eup use

no addon yet, maybe future, or someone can make !

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i dont think!

@fendretti Yeah its not working for me.


weird, do other clothe mods work ? do you use a element club key ?

maybe send client and server logs to @elements if other clothe mods dont work !

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What?? 20 characters


Okay :slight_smile: - the thing is the Danish EUP pack dos actually not got the same amount of files, so if there where some kinda feature to the props and components id’s that would have bin brilliant.

It replaces a lot of the same, but ye not all tho.

:frowning: sorry, those seem to start different depends on which dlc is replace

it’s more or less the same dlc’s but it dos not replace the same amount of files tho.

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i added it and it does not working for me.


Can you make some versions? with bcso and lspd only?

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it does not work on my server and i have the Element Club subscription

Can any confirm this is working before I go and buy the element club?

The menu itself works however the clothing doesn’t, reference Jake.Ryan’s screenshot above

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Are you running the newest server release?

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