[Release] Fire/EMS Clockin Script [With Blips]

Hey everyone here is a little script I have put together in the past month and I use it for our Fire/EMS department to easily clock in. This is my first TRUE release on the forums. I would like to thank everyone in the discords that I am in for helping me learn and advance my knowledge with FiveM, so i am giving out a simple and basic but very useful script!

Vespura for weapon functions

Inspiration from Cops FiveM Script

Requirements: NativeUI

Download Here!

Screen Shots


If there are any problems let me know!

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looks like it might be good ill test it out.

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Good Script! Couple things though, 1 instead of a fire axe the nightstick spawns in, 2 would like more stations instead of the 4 only.

I could def add both in. Although if you want your own custom locations you should add them you self. And for the night stick i will fix that.

ok sounds good! how did you find the locations of the stations points though?

There isn’t any real “list” for that kind of request. Its more or less finding each one on the map and viewing the peds coords and adding them to the table. But i can def add more locations if i can find them all. Otherwise if you have ymaps thats on you to add them.

Update: replaced the nightstick with the hatchet!

hey the fire and ems is not open for me

Please provide more information? Are the peds not spawning? The last known status of the script is everything worked as intended.

Good job to be the first script this is good hope to see more from you

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I’m glad to see it’s in NativeUI! Despite a lot of people not liking NativeUI, I personally love it

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Does it have permissions yet / are you planing on adding that in a future update? Any Ways thanks for your hard work on developing scripts for the community and I cant wait to try out this script.

No, I haven’t had any plans to add permissions to it. And I’m not sure if I want to do it. But maybe in the next update i will!

adding a permission system can be as easy as copy past. Find a script using a ped based whitelist. then just add that to this script.

PS: you will need some basic lua knowledge for adding it to this script.

That doesn’t make sense? Have a ped whitelist to be whitelisted on a script that makes you the ped thats whitelisted? Unless your talking about checking IsPlayerAceAllowed(whateverhere). Or what you can do is add steam ids into a table and check if the player is in that table by using playerSpawned rather than running a loop to check if the player is allowed.

How and where do i change the thing that says OPEN MENU i want it to be on top.

I’m able to find all the marks, but no menu show up. =/

Press E

Just search for the text in the LUA file.