Introducing our innovative script to create unforgettable parties on your server: BIT-Party!

With BIT-Party, elevate your FiveM events to a new level of immersion and fun. This script allows you to generate a complete party atmosphere complete with vibrant lights, smoke effects and animated NPCs, all with ease and without the hassle of configuring each element individually.

Key features:

  • Mood creation: Bring any party to life with mood-setting lights and smoke.
  • Animated NPCs: Add life to your events with dancing NPCs, configurable in groups for a richer atmosphere.
  • Exclusive music hotspots: Set up music hotspots that only players with specific roles can access, perfect for VIP events or exclusive areas.
  • Dynamic particle effects: Incorporate effects such as sparkles, fire, smoke and water for an impressive visual display.
  • Props creation: Customize your event with decorative and functional objects to add that special touch.

Plus, with BIT-Party, say goodbye to worrying about losing your setups. Everything you create will persist despite server and game restarts, ensuring your party stays vibrant no matter what.

Guaranteed compatibility with ESX and QB frameworks, ensuring seamless integration with your FiveM server.

:video_camera: VIDEO


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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +1000
Requirements ESX/QB
Support Yes

Have bought it with intense to have really good script at my server with all the customisation, but it was partly working on ESX, open an ticket and staff member checked himself on he’s test server and approve that there is a problem. 2 days later my ticket got deleted, when asked a question on main chat channel why my ticket got deleted it appears and that message got deleted… Day after one guy have same problem and just write that “Welcome to the club” and he’s have taken out all my roles and can’t no more write in he’s Discord channel. Used to have BIT scripts before none of them completely was working. No solutions and if you will have a problems your tickets just will be deleted. Quantity not the quality I’m afraid.

As indicated to you, and as specified in the discord rules, it is not allowed to use the general chat to rush the staff to make updates.
You were given a warning, by continuing to insist you have been removed permissions in the general chat.
You still have access to open support tickets and we will be happy to help you but the rules are to be followed.

On the other hand, as indicated in the previous information when opening the ticket (which seems you have not read) if you do not respond to the tickets in 24 hours the bot closes it automatically.

On the other hand, the review and update of your problem is under review, but we work by priorities. If you look at the updates we make updates very regularly (this week for example we have made 7 updates in 2 days). But not for trying to hurry the staff will be before.

Ok, I made 2 assignments in General Chat:

1* Why my ticket was deleted?
2* Welcome to the club

Tell me BIT, where is that means “Rushing staff” for you?

Ticket closed due no reply? My last words in that ticket was “Thank you” because I know how automated system of tickets works and did reply that ticket so it will be not deleted. Stop lying. I don’t need nothing from you anymore, just aware now for peoples how is your Policy works that deleting tickets and comments in your Discord solves your problems.

I have nothing to discuss. The rules in our discord are clear and we have logs of the conversations.

If you need assistance you have the option to open a ticket and we will be happy to help you. Otherwise I will not continue with this conversation.
Have a nice day.