[PAID][ESX/QB] BIT Drugs Creator

This advanced FiveM script offers a complete and highly customizable solution for creating production processes, ideally suited, but not exclusively, for drug manufacturing. Its versatile design allows implementation in multiple domains, being limited only by the user’s imagination. Compatible with both QB and ESX, this script integrates seamlessly with any targeting script.

Outstanding features:

Flexibility in Process Creation
Ability to add multiple processes on a single drug or material type.

Complete Customization
From setting the number of items produced to the choice of prop, number of props distributed in the location, and duration of the process.

Advanced Configuration
Adjustment of process time, selection of animations through scenarios, and option to use blips and markers for complete visual integration.

User Friendly Interface
All drugs and processes can be easily saved and managed from the main menu of the script, allowing edits at any time.

This script not only optimizes production processes in FiveM, but also boosts creativity, offering server owners the perfect tool to expand in-game horizons.

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +3000
Requirements ESX/QB
Support Yes
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is it possible to limit certain drug locations to specific jobs? That would be really versatile. Great work!

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