[Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.2.2

Cayo Perico Improvements By TayMcKenzieNZ

Designed for RP and exploration in mind, CayoImprovements enhances the island by removing obstructing collisions, adds more vegetation, street lights, heist props and socializing opportunities.

This is a passion project of mine that began in December of 2020 to self teach myself Codewalker and has been constantly updated and developed since.

I hope you enjoy :blush:


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  • Working lighthouse

  • Heist Entitysets

  • Removed snow falling from North Yankton

  • Runway lights and a helipad

  • Street lights around the main roads of the island

  • Mansion Pool improvement and solid sun loungers, beach ball, floatie, tables and chairs

  • Mansion entrance gate doors removed for access

  • Side doors of mansion compound opened and lift doors removed for your teleporter script convenience

  • Animal cage doors opened - I will not be providing doorlock support #cringe

  • Illuminated Boat Shed near party area and beached whale

  • Illuminated skull near grave, opposite party area

  • Illuminated beach party area with buoys, DJ stand lights, bar lights and TVs

  • Deleted and opened underwater gate below El Rubio’s mansion

  • Deleted all sea mines – Want them back? Delete h4_islandx_sea_mines from the ymap folder.

  • Removed invisible collisions

  • Removed invisible collision at Beach DJ Booth

  • Junk cleanup

  • Opened hangar doors

  • Sunken UFO & Loch Ness Monster

  • Crashed plane

  • Runway clearance lights

  • Heist props - Can be changed in the entitysets.lua file within the scripts folder

  • Food stall, shop and Ice Cream parlor

  • Vehicles

  • NPC Peds – Can be commented out, deleted or altered.

  • Non exploding gas pumps. See below for coordinates you can use for your fuel scripts


Please read the PMMS GitHub ReadMe to get it working correctly. It is standalone however has one important dependency httpmanager by Kibook as well as it’s own separate permissions that need to be executed in your server.cfg

By default, PMMS is set to admin only
access, you can change this in the
permissions.cfg provided with it, if you
would prefer all players can access it.

you will need to read pmms installation
instructions on the GitHub repository, and if you can’t figure it out, open an issue.

I’m not here to hold your hand.

Beach TVs

if you want the TV at the beach party to fade out nicely at a certain point, try these settings, then go to advanced settings and save it as an entity, call it Cayo Perico Beach TV:

Volume: 100

sameRoom: 2.4

diffRoom: 6.0

Range: 40

In the future, any TV settings you want, save it as an entity. Saving it as model will save those settings for that TV, everywhere around the map.

PLEASE read the posts on the forums I have linked as I will not be providing assistance on how to enable the island on gamebuild 2189 or higher.

BUGS :beetle:

Show Known Bugs:
  • Due to the hangar being modified and additional props placed inside, having both islands active (via removing the native), causes an issue with the hangar appearing. cp_switch and cp_bothislands has now been replaced with cp_config.

  • Some IPL Loader scripts have the following code:


This conflicts with Cayo Perico, more specifically the hangar, as my resources are already requesting the required IPLs, maps, and entitysets. Set it to false and request your IPLs the correct way.

  • only one island will show up on the minimap / pause map, if the player is on or near that island. This is due to how GTA 5 handles it. This is also why you will see Los Santos map blips, but no island while on Cayo Perico.

  • CayoImprovements conceals the opposite island for immersion and is exactly how Rockstar Games has done it. Download CayoTwoIslands if you prefer that.

I have added map blips if you wish to fly a plane or drive a boat there.

Stop spamming about it as I have already made this apparent. For those who have actually read this part, feel free to quote it and reply to those with 2 brains cells. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Conflicts with Cayo Perico Shops 2, use the first release instead

  • some people claim to have fixed the issue with this resource and Rockstar Editor, however it is behind a paywall and FiveM’s escrow nonsense. the FiveM team have pushed an update as of February 8th 2022 to hopefully fix this




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Original Hangar Collision, No Flight Or Water Vehicles, and NoVehicles folders have now been combined and put inside the OPTIONAL folder.

If for whatever reason you would like to add the original gates back, but have them be accessible and not solid shut, as well as the little button seen in the Cayo Perico Heist in Grand Theft Auto: Online, I have provided the folder OPTIONAL. Place tays_mansiongates inside the ymaps folder.


“Vehicles - No Flight Or Water” and “Vehicles - Removed” options updated and provided within the OPTIONAL folder. Drag and drop the files you require into the CayoImprovements ymap folder. Backups have been provided.


The hangar collision file is also in the OPTIONAL folder.

If you happen to have the ‘"Cayo Perico Shops MLO’ resource, as well as mine, the server refuses to read the collision file for shops, but instead, read mine, making the shop collisions not work.

Just copy and paste mine, or the Cayo Perico Shops collision file (h4_islandairstrip_12) into the ybn folder.

Static Emitters & PMMS :notes::

I have disabled the static emitters for the “Arena Wars” location (cheering sound effects), however PMMS disables static emitters when media is being rendered, and re enables them when the media has stopped playing, therefore, it counteracts with this resource.

How To Fix This:

To ‘fix’ this, open the staticEmitters.lua file inside the PMMS resource, and set the following to false like so;

{name = "SE_DLC_AW_Arena_Crowd_Background_Main", enabled = false},
{name = "SE_DLC_AW_xs_arena_VIP_Radio", enabled = false},
{name = "SE_DLC_AW_xs_x18_int_mod_garage_radio", enabled = false},
{name = "SE_DLC_AW_xs_x18_int_mod2_garage_radio", enabled = false},

Gas Pump Coordinates for fuel scripts :fuelpump::

Credit to @MadsL for the [Release] No Exploding Pumps which I have implemented here. It will not only take affect on Cayo Perico, but Los Santos also. If you do not want this, remove mads_no_exp_pumps from the ytyp folder.


1: 4795.0835, -4307.28174, 3.7604

2: 4801.11133, -4297.86328, 4.13896942

3: 4887.385, -4479.00732, 9.067982

4: 4879.549, -4478.94531, 9.040056

5: 4865.26465, -4483.563, 9.040056

6: 4429.864, -4497.00342, 3.21622825

7: 4427.477, -4491.00049, 3.21622872

8: 5044.851, -4598.828, 2.05512142

9: 5154.41064, -5132.90234, 1.29033065

10: 5154.476, -5124.729, 1.28279376

11: 5021.393, -5198.10156, 1.52416146

12: 4892.949, -5458.83447, 29.6850548

13: 5139.82227, -5521.05566, 52.5282936

14: 4872.59766, -4478.98, 9.040056

15: 5467.76953, -5224.46436, 26.2785

16: 5465.771, -5231.452, 26.2620487

17: 5346.854, -5425.47559, 48.2057648

18: 5359.99072, -5415.49268, 48.17445

19: 5113.927, -5518.69, 53.1370544

20: 4905.817, -5459.42773, 29.6469364

21: 4888.27148, -5461.372, 29.6652

22: 5104.205, -5726.563, 14.7468739

23: 5100.45947, -5731.281, 14.7651587

24: 5096.517, -5736.247, 14.7844067

25: 5089.21045, -5739.44, 14.8049011



I don’t use any fancy frameworks or any other Cayo Perico related resources, so you’ll have to troubleshoot it on your own. These are simply ymaps, therefore you may need to update the fxmanifest version to something newer, and then it should be good to go.

Check any collision (ybn) files of your maps if you face any conflictions.

Check out these other Cayo Perico related resources to improve your server experience even more!


DOWNLOAD :floppy_disk::

CayoImprovements - GitHub

Check out my other releases:



Very nice release, looks great :+1:t3:

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Sick Release

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This looks good! Keep up the great work!

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@TayMcKenzieNZ There is something invisible in the map as show below in the screenshot, can you fix this ?

I can’t download it from the Link in the Post. Can you send me a Link to Github or something else?

I don’t have that problem but if you downloaded version 3 from the link provided above, you shouldn’t have that.

I’ve updated my files to include removal of collisions from invisible walls, however am unsure if it fixed your issue. Give it a try though and try out all my updated files.


  • Opened El Rubio’s safe
  • Removed some junk

Can u tell me who i can remove the helipad please? because i have some shops there

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Does it removes the Aircraft Carrier ? Btw very good ressource.

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Use your interiors resource to remove the ship (bob74 or whatever it’s called)

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Some things I did to take the hanger to the next level of clean and get ready to make use of it for Cayo Perico Fire Brigade and Island Patrol.

Removed all models and collisions from the office, opened the hanger doors and removed collisions, remove all but one (on purpose) big package from the floor and upper level as well as collisions, removed all lower fencing except for the tool cage as well as collisions, and retextured the floor to remove rubble that was inbedded into the model.

Anything that is left, is left on purpose.


Holy shoot dude!! I tried to do this in codewalker but was unsuccessful. Is this available for download? Also I had trouble opening the hangar door :cry:

No, it doesn’t.

I also have the shops in my server. Here; this moves the helipad. Replace the one from my files, with this one. Island Street Lights 2.ymap (1.3 KB)

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You have to edit the models in 3DS Max to get rid of those things. Codewalker is more for props and those big packages, the fencing, the doors, and office interior aren’t props unfortunately.

And I’m sorry, but no. I’m not releasing the edits. If I did that then people would want things tailored to them and I’m not doing that.


Just release it as is, and if they want things tailored they can learn themselves :man_shrugging:.

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Thank you!!!

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What do I do if the map was put into the server and all of the people that join the server say it takes like 5 minutes to join. I tried joining the server with this added and the load times to get into the server are very high. Anything to fix this?