[MLO] Cayo Perico Shops 2.0

Cayo Perico Shops 2.0
[/] Fixed collisions
[/] Fixed texture bug
[+] New sidewalk texture

Preview: Cayo Perico Shops [GTA V MLO INTERIOR] - YouTube

Frm_Perico_Shops2.0.rar (5.5 MB)


Sick update mate! But did you delete the older post or? you can always just edit your existing posts here

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Wher can i find the Cayo Perico Island ?


By searching for it

Any ideas if this interferes with your cayo improvements?


It doesn’t no, but it adds weird textures to the runway. I went back to version 1, works fine. @Biskfather

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Very nice, thanks for sharing!

nice addition as always bud keep up the good work

Works flawless. Very nice.

can anyone help me out? added it but this is how it loads?

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conflict with cayo perico improvement [Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.1.9 i guess

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Possibly, try the original Cayo Perico Shops if you’re also using my resource.

ive noticed the collisions are bugged… as well


If you read, you’ll see that I’m fully aware of this. If you’re using my Cayo Perico resource(s), use version one of the Cayo Perico Shops, I linked it above.

Therefore, if you use the shops (from version 1, not this version), you need to place that collision ybn file in my Cayo Perico resource, or simply just delete the collision file from my resource.

There is no collision at clotheshop :frowning: